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How To Instantiate And Navigate To A GP Process From Web Dynpro Java

Recently while designing a composite application I came across a requirement to instantiate a composite process from a stand-alone application. In my case it was needed to instantiate a Guided Procedure process from a stand-alone Web Dynpro Java application. But while starting the process also some input parameters need to be passed from the calling application. This can be achieved easily by using the GP API. Also the GP process instantiated needs to be opened to the user in the Enterprise Portal as well as soon as it is started, which can be achieved by the portal navigation API. To start with first we need to create the GP runtime Web Dynpro application page in portal content directory. In Netweaver CE 7.1 navigate to the Web Dynpro Applications node in PCD and copy the application * *in the required PCD location. In Netweaver 7.0 create a Web Dynpro java iview pointing to the application *Runtime *under the namespace * *We’ll navigate to this iview or page to open the GP runtime process view.

GP Runtime view

To instantiate the GP process the process template id is required which can be obtained from the GP design time.  Open the GP process in the design time and copy the process ID present under the Instantiation tab.

GP template ID

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  • Hi,
    I followed the steps as mentioned on this blog. I am able to open the runtime page which I have copied (as mentioned on the blog).
    I am unable to see the running is empty.It’s not showing anything.
    Plz guide me, I am Using CE 7.1


    • Hi,
      Check whether are you using the correct GP process template id. Also check if you are using the correct pcd location for the Runtime page and the user has required roles for GP and the process assigned.


      • Hi Dipankar,

        I am able to start the GP process as you mentioned in your blog.
        But I’m unable to see Runtime page in portal and getting an error “page not found.”.
        I created an iview for “Runtime” in the PCD.
        You mentioned “We’ll navigate to this iview or page to open the GP runtime process view.”
        How do I do this?
        Please help me.


        • Hi,
          Please check the PCD location for the Runtime page. Are you using CE 7.1? If so, then Runtime is a page only. But in all probability your issue is due to incorrect PCD location you are providing in the navigation API. The navigation to runtime page from the web dynpro application is done by the following API where the PCD location is provided as : “ROLES://portal_content/other_vendors/BRO/BRO_iView/rt” :







          • Hi Dipankar,
            I am new to WebDynpro and GP…
            I have a requirement wherein
            a requestor sees a webdynpro form on the Portal tab and he/she fills in data in the webdynpro form and clicks on Submit.
            The GP workflow process is initiated and it uses the data provided in the form to determine the approver and assignes the request to that person/group.
            I understand how to initiate the GP from Webdynpro as described in your blog.
            But I would like to know how to determine the approvers?
            The task should be available in the UWL of the appropriate approver.
            The Approver should be able to view and update the webdynpro form filled in by the Requestor.
            How will the form be available to the approver to view and update the form?
            If the approver returns the task, the task should be available in the UWL of the Requestor and the Requester should update the form based on the comments entered by the approver and resubmit the form.
            How will the already filled in Webdynpro form be available to the Requestor again?
            4.Is a Webdynpro form same as a webdynpro application?Does developing a WebDynpro form mean developing a WebDynpro application?

            I request your help in this regard…

            Thanks in advance,

        • HI Pratik,

          I am getting a similar error like you.
          When I run the iview in portal it is just showing a blank page. How did you fix the problem?


  • hello…
        I followed the steps in ur blog and was able to initiate the GP, the whole application runs fine. But the problem is… in Web Dynpro i have 3 views Once the person clicks on a button in  2nd view i initiate the GP and i navigate to 3rd view…in 3rd view i just show a “Thank you”message. This runs well during the Web Dynpro development. But Once the application is branded in Portal… The third view is displayed for few seconds and the portal login pages for the guided procedure for the anonymous user. This should not happen, the anonymous user should view the third view only as per the scenario. what could be problem?

    What could be the Problem?


    • Hi,
      Couple of things you need to check here – first of all you can’t simultaneously navigate to a Web Dynpro view and the GP runtime view. You need to choose any one of these. Also you need to run this from the portal only, otherwise you cannot make the navigation work.


    • Hi,
      Check the line number in your code where the NPE is occuring from the exception chain. Also you need to run this application from portal only and not as a stand-alone web dynpro application.


  • Hi
    in my program
    this method report exception

    IGPRuntimeManager rtm …….

    rtm.startProcess(process, name, decription, user, roles, null, user);

    Exception Message:
    Role __GP__0 may not be overwritten during instantiation

    what’s wrong???

  • Hi Dipankar,
    I followed your blog and applied it to Java Webservice. Could you please help me how to execute the code in Java Webservice instead of Webdynpro Java Application.