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Benefits of Expert Forums

This is my first blog. I thought my first blog should be dedicated to SDN, so chose the topic ‘Benefits of Forums’.  I would like to share, what I look for when browsing thru forums.


  • Solutions to my problems

This one is self explanatory. When I encounter an issue which doesn’t seem to get addressed thru known sources, I look up to Expert Forums.


  • Learning derived from others’ problems

I don’t enjoy people making mistakes but then, one can always learn a lesson out of it. This can also lead to evolution of alternative solutions to my problems.


  • Validation of my concepts

It is good to read answers, which I am aware of. This strengthens the core concepts and sometimes enriches them.


  • Encourage out of box thinking

Some threads put me in dilemma: Can such requirement be really there? Can it be addressed in SAP? How?

This leads to good amount of brain storming followed by discussions in forum.


  • Practice consultancy

Forums provide a platform to practice consultancy for free.


Expert forums are really making a positive difference to the Consultant Community. Now with World Food Programme, SDN is making great social contribution as well.

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