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Assigning Marketing attributes to Business Partner in Mobile Sales

Over the last number of months, I have experienced some issues with this functionality. Hopefully this can help explain.


Defining of Marketing Attributes and sets is only possible in CRM Online.

The assignment of attributes and maintaining values for attributes is done in the MSA via list or combo boxes.

The table SMOKLAH contains all available attribute sets on the mobile client. It is also possible to assign initial values in CRM Online when you assign the attribute sets to the business partners. On the Mobile client you select the

marketing attribute set, drop it under assigned attribute sets and enter or select the values from combo boxes.

The attribute set and the attributes must be filled with values and not stored with empty values.

You can add/move an attribute set from the not assigned to the assigned folder,  Then you can see all the attributes in that set in the list, and change them. However once the tileset is saved you can only see those attributes in a set to which a value has been assigned.

You cannot therefore assign an initial value to an attribute at a later date.

Eg: You have a set of 3 attributes and only maintain values for 1 of them.

After saving the data you only will see 1.

Data which is not maintained is not displayed.

But if you position the cursor on the detail tile and press ‘new’ you get a list of all 3 attributes. Then you are able to create additional or new values for each attribute.


Also be aware that Marketing Attributes which have no values for a business partner are not transported to CDB. Because in Online and on CDB only the

attributes with values are saved in the tables.

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  • Hi Gervase,
    It would have been good if you can explain with some examples. Good starting..