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CRM: Contact Center Simulator Setup

h4. Introduction You have just been asked to give a demo of the CRM IC webclient and need to setup the contact center simulator with your CRM system.  You have looked at the standard documentation and realized there are some “gaps”.  We will go through this process to eliminate those gaps.  We will focus more on how to put the configuration steps together, rather than how to perform each step.  h3. Prerequisites  Your CRM 52/2007 system should be a dual-stack installation.  This means you have a SAP Java installation available.  You will also need full J2EE admin rights on your CRM java stack and access to SM59 plus the IC webclient customizing steps.  We assume you understand basic CRM IC webclient configuration.  h3. Reference Materials  The following SAP standard help documentation will give you a better understanding of some of the steps we perform below: ICI – Overview SAP Help – [ |] Security Guide BCB/ICI SAP Help – [ |]  h3. Configuration Procedure h4. Step 1: Turn on the nodes in SICF on the CRM ABAP stack   h4.    h4. Step 13: Simulate inbound call using CCS To simulate the call after the agent is ready we go first to the Home Link of the CCS admin console and then click on the “Telephony Info” link.  We then see a paragraph explaining how to start a call to the agent by clicking on a link.We now put in the number that will be calling in the +number format.  We also need to select the agent’s phone number from the list below.  Once that has been done we hit the Call agent button.If this works we will see the phone number popup on the agent’s screen in the IC Webclient.
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    • Thank you.  I haven’t seen BCM in person myself, so I would also enjoy if someone else who knew more about BCM would post one.

      Take care,


      • Hi Stephen,

        This is an excellent blog!

        Have few questions.

        1. What is the ICI version used in this case? is it 6.20?
        2. What is the screenpop data sent as part of this simulation, Just the ANI? Can we send someother attached data for screenpop using the simulator?
        3. While connecting to the third party adapter, how would you map query field with the KVP or attached data to get the screenpop (I mean how would you make the expression for a custom field query instead of the ANI query).
        4. Generally screen will pop before you accept the call? or after accepting the call?

        Thanks in advance!!


        • 1.  The ICI version according to the simulator is 3.00.64507 on Netweaver 7.0
          2.  You can send either just the ANI in basic mode or in expert mode add attached data
          3.  The point of the simulator is that you don’t need to connect to a third party adaptor.  You might want to post this question on the CRM IC forum for more details.
          4.  Screen pops with the ANI and possible match before accepting the call, from what I remember in the simulator.

          Take care,


          • I hv successfully setup CCS as well as real time telephony integration.

            I was trying to explore Call Tranfer/Warm Transfer and conference but some how unable to work out in 7.0
            Infact Simulator was not able to transfer the call to another agent.

            Do you have any steps how to achive in CRM 7.0?

          • Hi Stephen,

            I really appreciate your contribution. This blog is very much useful.

            Could you please also update, how this setup  has to done for CRM 7.0. Since CRM 7.0 is not a dual stack instaliation.

            Kind regards

  • Hi Stephen,
    thanks for great post!
    I just want to add that if anybody want to set it up in CRM 2007 than he have to use in:

    step 4 – transaction CRMM_BCB_ADM

    step 5 – transaction CRMM_IC_MCM_CCLNK

    Have a nice day!

    • Daniel,

      You actually caught my typos in those steps.  The transaction codes are valid for both CRM 52 and CRM 2007.  I went ahead and updated this blog with the correct t-codes and added the menu paths for those steps.

      Thank you for letting me know about those errors.

      Take care,


      • Hi Stephen,

        your post really saved my time. To make it perfect and whole, you can also add into your post, that when simulating calls all incoming numbers MUST start with +1.
        So to simulate – create new BP with phone number +1 111222333 – after that automatic identification will work even outside USA 😉

        Best regards,

        Daniel Rabas

  • Hello Stephen,
    your blog is extremely helpful. For my customer, however, this might fail already in the prerequisites:

    You write “Your CRM 52/2007 system should be a dual-stack installation.  This means you have a SAP Java installation available.”

    my question is: The customer does not have a dual-stack installation on his CRM (7.0) system. However, he has SAP Java installation on the BI system. Is there any way to use this, or is it a must that the JAva installation is on the CRM system?

    Thanks for your additional comment.


    • Johanna,

      For CRM 7.0 it means you need the CRM java components installed on an SAP J2EE engine in order to use the engine from what I understand.

      I’m not sure if those components can be installed on the BW 7.0 J2EE stack.  It’s an interesting question and I will forward it on to someone who might know or have a better idea.

      Take care,


  • Hi Stephen,
       I would ask you if there is a CCS abap. Sometimes our clients does not install the Java Stack, so I would know if a CSS abap exist.

    As I know, I found a ICI_CCSUI bsp apllication
    , but it’s not supported. Do you have more details on that?

    Kind regards,

  • In our constellation it is not possible to logon to the BCM system in the background, because the ‘Ready’-Radio-Button is greyed out!

    Any idea what the reason for this could be?

    Thnaks in advance!


    • Hi,
         their is a drop down option as “Not ready”, change the status and you will be able to get the radio button and then you need select the radio button as “ready”.
  • Hi,
      First of all, thanks for sharing information. I am facing problem in this “CRMM_IC_MCM_CCADMX” transaction. I am unable to assign Telephone, Email and chat. Can you please help me out in this regard.


  • Hi Experts,
        I had done all the settings for running simulator, it worked fine for the first time, but when i trying to run the call (Telephony Demo Page)for the next time it is through an error message” Please specify all parameters”. Can anyone help me out in this regard.
    • I’m really not sure if this tool can do it.  Honestly it’s been about three years since I worked with on a demo and it was back on CRM 2007.  Open to anyone who has worked on a modern release to see if it works.

      Take care,


      • Just setup up the config on my CRM 7.0 system and found sections in the Java BCB program that chat and e-mail messaging(though limited) were part of the simulator.

        Take care,