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Call for Proposals Now Open – SDN and BPX community sessions at SAP TechEd 2008 Las Vegas

You’ve earned your fame and recognition on the virtual pages of the SDN and BPX communities.  Now, it’s time for you to take that fame and mirror it in the physical world!  Showcase your expertise in person and submit a proposal for the SDN and BPX community sessions at SAP TechEd 2008. 

Unlike years past, we will run three separate Call for Proposals for each of the TechEd events, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Bangalore.

The Las Vegas call for proposals is now open! So, it’s time to put your thinking caps on and come up with your best proposal ideas for the SDN and BPX community sessions at SAP TechEd 2008 Las Vegas

Here are the dates for each of the call for proposals:

  • Las Vegas: May 19 – June 8
  • Berlin: July 7 – 27
  • Bangalore: August 11 – 31

What you get for presenting
In addition to earning the rock star status of being a presenter for an SDN and BPX community session at TechEd, you’ll receive complimentary lecture-only registration to the conference.  So, if you need a SAP TechEd ’08 – Prior and After TechEd to make it easier for your management to approve your attendance at TechEd, just think if your session is accepted.  Now all you need approval for is the hotel and travel expenses. 

Plus, SAP TechEd is your opportunity to meet up with your SDN and BPX community peers, colleagues, and friends in real-life. So if your proposal is accepted, you will be able to share your knowledge in a whole new way – with the support of your SDN and BPX friends in person.  Once the session is over, you have the opportunity to continue the Q&A conversation in the community clubhouse.

Ideas for session topics
Not sure what to present on? This year’s track structure is based on the SAP NetWeaver at a Glance.  The SAP sessions are now published on the Las Vegas and Berlin websites for you to review the overall topics covered at this year’s events. 

Typically, tips and tricks, case studies, best practices, and how-to’s are the best received sessions from SDN and BPX community members.  TechEd attendees want to hear how you are working with SAP technology, so they can learn how to make their lives easier based on your experience.

The review committee will select the approved sessions on overall interest and usefulness to the SDN and BPX community. So, if your proposal shows something interesting, innovative, and useful that the community can learn from and implement in their daily lives, it will increase your chance of selection.

I’ve seen you provide this kind of expertise day in and day out on SDN and BPX with your blogs, in your articles, and in your forum answers.  So, take that topic you’ve been focusing on in the SDN and BPX communities and create a session proposal.

If your proposal is accepted, you’ll not only be an online rock star, you’ll be a TechEd rock star! So submit your Las Vegas session proposal today.

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  • Dear Christina you wrote

    “Unlike years past, we will run three separate Call for Proposals for each of the TechEd events, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Bangalore.”

    I am just wondering if a proposal for one event affects the judgment for the other events.
    For example, let’s say we propose for Las Vegas and Berlin. And suppose we are amongst the happy few that got chosen for Las Vegas. Would that mean that we have slighter chance to get elected for Berlin as well?

    Kind regards

    • Each region has different specific focuses as attendees for each region have different wishes and desires in terms of content, the overall themes are the same but topic A may be higher in demand than say topic F but in the next event it might be a complete opposite. So one should not effect the other or play a role in influencing judgment.
    • Hi Twan, In addition to what Craig mentioned, the SDN and BPX sessions submitted for each location will only be ranked against the other sessions for that location.  So the session proposals for other locations will not impact.

      However, in order to have your session proposal considered for multiple locations, you need to submit the proposal separately for each call for proposals. 

      Please keep in mind that SAP TechEd will only provide complimentary lecture-only registration to the accepted speakers.  So all travel and other expenses must be covered by the speaker.

      Thanks for your excellent question.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to remind you that the SDN and BPX community sessions at SAP TechEd 2008 Las Vegas closes this Sunday, June 8th. 

    So pull your proposal idea together and submit today!



  • Hi Christina,

    With the European holiday season coming up we do not want to miss the Berlin Call for Proposals deadline. You stated earlier that registration would open at July 7. Unfortunately I cannot find a page to enter my proposal.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Twan, Thanks for your question. The SDN and BPX call for proposals for Berlin is now open. Please visit the call for proposal information page linked about to access the proposal site.

      Best regards,