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Mandatory Fields of Infotype – ABAP Program

While uploading infotype data it is necessary to find out the mandatory fields of an infotype and finding the mandatory fields of infotype is little bit tricky task.
       Generally the assumption is Table T588M will give all the mandatory fields of the infotype. But it is not the case.  To get all mandatory fields, one has to find the related module pool program and the corresponding screen number and properties of the screen fields.
       This process will consume more time if there are more infotypes and countries. To ease the process I have developed an ABAP program which will give the infotypes related to a particular country, as well as the mandatory fields of the infotype. This program can even be used to download the infotype fields into excel which inturn can be used as Data Collection Template.

ABAP code for the below program is in WIKI   :: here

Input screen of the report

Step-1 :  Enter the country code and select validate button to see the infotypes of a country and the related mandatory fields.



Step-2 :  Select the Validate and Download radio button if you want to download the fields into excel.




Step -3 :  Execute the report . Output list will be as shown below. Select the necessary infotype to see/download  the fields of the infotype.










 Step – 4 : Click the infotype to get the field details . Value ‘X’ in the ‘Required Field’ indicates that the field is mandatory.








Step – 5 : Select the necessary fields and press the ‘LIST’ button to see/download fields.












Step -6 : Press the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button to download the data (Note : Download button will be displayed only when ‘Validate and Download’ Option is selected in selection screen.)


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