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Additions to Grumpy Old Man’s SAPPHIRE blog

 listening to the key-note of Léo with my headphones in my office in Walldorf I checked in parallel most actual blogs and saw your contribution. So I first thought Eddy joins SAPPHIRE offline, but reading your story I had to adjust a bit. But your story opens reflections (as you did already as well)

  1. such customer events like SAPPHIRE are great to join, to meet people, and to be part of this business community success
  2. to have different topics on the agenda, compressed within 3 days, is always difficult  to manage successfully. The story of Jim Spath attending SAPPHIRE Orlando is a nice illustration (especially the open item list)
  3. to reflect on energy consumption as you did (wind mills, solar panels, public transportation) is impressive. By occasion I read two interesting stories about carbon footprint statistics and to be expected adjustments in forecasts (sorry, both links are to German contributions of Spiegel Online). But reading those stories I was able to read the report “Trends in global noise and emissions from commercial aviation for 2000 through 2025”. These results were known, but weren’t included in the official program of a Barcelona seminar for US and European flight control managers. Strange: it got also “lost” from the websites as well.
  4. now it’s known, that the impact of flight traffic is different from the public used advertisements and marketing messages, we should asked about expected changes. We in business and we in private life.
  5. the private part of such a story is interesting, as energy consumption (especially for holiday spent) is a “money affordable” discussion. In my blog on spending (skiing) holidays, one might get close to alternative considerations regarding environmental protection (not only carbon footprint).
  6. getting back to events like SAPPHIRE: one might ask the question about the additionally broadcasting the industry tracks (online like the keynotes) and to use a bit different organizational setup to include the offsite participants. I mean using the plexus environment as we did for two satellites at the Orlando SAPPHIRE this year.
  7. I know such a scenario isn’t easy to become operational although it’s easy to understand. But once challenging people 8with this comment) let’s put something on top: if such a scenario becomes (partly) operational, we save time, we save waste, we save costs….  If these savings are used for initiatives like Mark Yolton mentioned in his blog yesterday.

Kind regards and enjoy Berlin


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