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Hello friends. This is my first blog and I must congratulate the SDN for their initiative. We are already half way there. We have reached 1 million mark(1,016,660) when this is being composed. I never imagined that contributing to SDN should help us to help the society. Hat’s off to SAP!!!!

 I am a frequent visitor of the SDN Forums and like many, I visit to seek answers to my questions and at the same time try and answer some of them. I have seen that there are many questions that are already answered to the extent of a concrete solution but the person who asked the question simply doesn’t assign points to it.  I fail to understand this.

I request all the reader’s to assign points wherever you find the responses of some help and also share the answer with other members if you have found an alternate solution/workaround to the problem. It is perhaps the easiest way to help the SDN-WFP initiative. 

Although SDN has launched  it for 100,000 Euros at the moment, but I firmly believe that as the Community grows, our contributions will also grow. 

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Avik,

    Nice blog entry (it is a good start!).

    I agree. Many users receive answers to forum questions without providing points. I think they forget that this is a community and the answers are provided for free by volunteers.

    To those that do provide points, thank you.

    J. Haynes
    SAP Basis Consultant for MindWorks.


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