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Press Conference 2.0

Several SAP Mentors are at Sapphire 08 in Berlin, and I’ve been following several of them on Twitter. Thanks to these guys, I have been getting a steady stream of information from the conference, albeit in read-only mode. That just changed in the last few minutes, in a big way.

Among the SAP community members in the press conference is Gregor Wolf, and he Tweeted (sent a message via Twitter) to see if anyone had a question to ask, and also gave the link so that those of us not in Berlin could watch the live webcast. So now I am not only getting commentary via Twitter, but watching the press conference live on my screen. I tweeted a few comments back to Gregor with some thoughts on a question.

During the press conference, Gregor was the only person in the press conference who got to ask two questions, an achievement in itself. One of those questions contained some of the thoughts I had tweeted to him a few minutes beforehand. So here I am, sitting in the comfort of my office, getting feedback live through Twitter from several people there, watching the press conference live video feed, and sending questions in that get asked on the floor. So, why do I need to go to Berlin? 🙂

It was a great feeling it was to see people from this community at the heart of things and asking questions of the biggest suits in the room. For Gregor to be doing this and also representing the community’s input in real-time – that was truly awesome.

Thanks to all involved in getting the SAP Mentors to Berlin, webcasting the press conference, and of course to the guys at Twitter for providing the whole back-channel for this kind of communication. And they wonder what all the Web 2.0 fuss is about…

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  • Hi Darren,
    Bummer that I was sleeping at that time of the Sapphire press conference. I would have loved to see, be part of it too.
    The dynamics of the press conference totally change. It will be tougher for the press to cover write something interesting of an event that has been hashed out already extensively online.
    Soon there will be monitors for the execs showing the backchannel via eventtrack/twitter so that they can react in real time.
    The press conference is a lot more interesting and worth tuning in for.
    Should there be a clearing site for questions, that the backchannel can vote up or down, once there are too many people tuning in? To get to the best ones? 
    By the way interesting question, what was the answer? 
    Just wondering, Mark.
  • For those of us not attending the live event, you’ve given a great feel for how to participate remotely.  I love the idea of having someone like Gregor as a proxy for all those of us who can’t be physically present.  Think how ecological this kind of communication is too 🙂
    Thanks for this wonderful update.
    Just for those of us looking for Gregor’s 1st question appears in minute 45:18 of the recording. 46:10 is the CTO’s answer. Then Darren’s question via Gregor 53:58.
    • Hi Marilyn, Hi Darren,

      I have to give credit for the first question also to Darren. I had it in mind but forgot about it. Thank you Darren.

      Best regards