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Expanded SAP Community Network eLearning Section

We’ve taken down the antenna and installed cable giving SCN site members access to even more eLearning channels. The eLearning catalog has gone from 28 to 56 channels (1 shy of 57 for you Springsteen fans) based on current SAP topic and product matrices.

This new arrangement enhances your ability to find meaningful rich media content specific to your needs.

Navigation Changes

One of the most noticeable changes on the eLearning homepage is the option to toggle between Topic and Product catalogs:


The new expanded eLearning section contains over 150 catalog pages categorized by 56 topics and products, and most are broken down by expertise levels.

Pimp My Website Section

To get these results, the eLearning section has been in the shop getting a major overhaul since September 2007. The new catalog pages are populated by dynamic queries that pull all eLearnings tagged with specified metadata. These catalogs are sorted by date with the most recent appearing first and many of the catalogs are also broken down by expertise level:

New eLearning Dynamic Catalog Page

Like the old catalogs and highlighted by the green rectangle above, the new dynamic catalogs indicate the duration and eLearning type. eLearning content authored by SAP is identified by the SAP logo appearing alongside the title.

In the new catalog, the eLearning abstracts are always visible so that you can quickly scroll through to find something interesting. Inside the abstracts may also be links to related documents (presentation, transcript and so on) and a link to the required player if the eLearning isn’t Windows media or flash based. Examples are highlighted with the red rectangles above.

Under the Hood

In order to make sure all 56 dynamic catalogs were populated accurately, over the last few months we combed through the entire eLearning repertoire (1600+ eLearning items) and performed a massive clean-up. During this process we:

  • ensured that correct metatags were selected
  • removed unnecessary information from the titles and abstracts
  • completed missing information such as the duration, expertise level and required player
  • inserted links to related documents (presentation, transcript and so on).

Similarly, during this process we discovered several problematic eLearning items that needed to be converted to a better and more compatible format. The community was also very helpful in reporting problematic eLearning items and the process of converting older eLearnings is still ongoing. As always, we welcome your input.

Team Effort

This project to expand and clean-up the eLearning catalog could never have been realized without the support and guidance of the SDN/BPX content team. A special thanks goes out to David Metser and Joel Alcalay who helped me comb through the eLearnings several times over and Valerie Sweeley for helping create and test the new dynamic catalog pages.

I really hope the community welcomes and benefits from the expanded eLearning section.  I’d also like to thank the community for continuing to report any issues they stumble on.

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  • HI  Jason
    Thank you and the the  team  for  their  effort in  cleaning up the elearning section and  adding  new tracks. It is  a great help to the   sdn community.