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NW2004S IDES:Installed in 55 hours

I know very well that there are lots of documentation, forum threads, FAQ and also very well prepared cheat sheet about installing NW2004s that you can find in SDN and on the web as well but I also wanted to share my  fresh and interesting  NW2004S IDES installation experience with SDNers.In this blog,I will tell you installation steps of NW2004S IDES and  share the problems encountered during installation with solutions and the approach that I followed. In addition to these I will point out what is needed exactly for successful installation of NW2004S IDES.

Lets start with laptop / desktop  that you have. I have installed NW2004S IDES on my laptop which has 2gb  ram ,intel centrino 1.7 and  used my 250 gb external usb disk .Depending on installation componenets NW2004S requires around 130gb min.You can install AS ABAP and AS JAVA also in addition to these you can install BI JAVA and Enterprise Portal and its core components.

My  laptop has just 80 gb so that’s why I decided to go with my 250gb external usb disk and if you are going to make an  installation to your external USB disk like me, before starting installation  be sure that your external usb disk NTFS formatted otherwise  you will not be able to start installation.

After being sure that your hardware and software meet with requirements then it is time to find NW2004S IDES version. You can find NW2004S IDES in the service market place but you need to have super admin user to be able to download or another option is that you can order NW2004S IDES dvd set free of charge. I strongly suggest you to ordering DVD set otherwise you need to download lots of huge files and extract them which takes a long time and you may miss to download some of the parts which will be needed during installation like me.

When you are in service market place please click here  and search for IDES then in the coming page you will see download link ( It is called IDES SEM-BW 6.0/7.00) .First of all, you need to download 8 big files ( each of them around 1gb zipped file) then  depending on you requirement  do not forget to download JAVA components  also you will need to download UC kernel, database  and  master installation  program. After all, get ready for installation. Before going installation check the swap file size which should be around 8 gb. so if you are on w2k3 like me,please click here how to do. The last things you should download before installation j2sdk and jce.I had problems with J2SE v 1.4.2_17 instead I switched J2SE v 1.4.2_09 and had no problems. After downloading jce(Java Cryptography Extension) do not unzip that file otherwise installation master will not recognize jce file.

SAP delivers NW2004S IDES with different databases such as SAPDb , Oracle ,MSSQL but  I used SAPDb for my installation which is my favorite and strongly suggest you to go with it. Maxdb is simple and easy to use comparing to the others.

After you have all components to start installation of NW2004S IDES, you can start installation with clicking sapinst.exe under SAP installation master. After clicking that sapinst.exe installation master is taking you screens where you set and configure parameters for installations and ending with summary of your choices. After all, installation master is starting to copy file into your disk but in the first steps you will be asked for solution manager key which is mandatory to continue to the installation otherwise you can not go ahead.If you have a solution manager installed then entering your system parameters you defined in previous steps of the instllation, you will get solution manager key that you can use in the installation.If you do not have a solution manager in this case  you can raise an oss note  providing your system paramaters (How To get the Solution Manager Key – Note 811923)to get that key also make a search in SDN where you can find many threads about  solution manager key.


Installation is taking serious time especially when you try to install it on laptop or generally speaking 32 bit systems. SAP recommends installing nw2004s to 64 bit systems. My installation (AS ABAP,AS AS JAVA,BI JAVA, Enterprise Portal ) took around non-stop 55 hours (consists of 50 steps)  and this is all  should be because of my hardware configuration and I was not able to complete  successfully to install NW2004S at my first attempt due to problems that I encountered installation. Before achieving successful installation, I had lots of error and terminated installation and started from scratch. You have to be patient.

As mentioned above,I had some problems during installation and as I saw that the most problematic step was  Import ABAP.In this step  all db tables,objects,programs ..etc. are created.If you have a problem in this phase there is an OSS note (Note 455195 – R3load: Use of TSK files) which provides a solution for that problem. After completing import ABAP step successfully , rest did not seem so problematic to me. In the ABAP report step you may have a problem but  with retrying two times or more you can overcome that problem. You will be asked to enter DDIC password and if the password you entered does not work then you can try to login to the system with client  000 using idadmin /ides  and there you can change ddic users’ password which you can use in the installation.

Briefly, installation is taking serious time and you may have various problems during the installation. Do not forget to check the logs under usr/sap folder whenever you have an error, there you can find details regarding to the problems and just be patient to complete installation.

For much more take a look at SDN and SAP on Windows seems good to read.

You can also take a look at the installation demo provided by SAP. 

Hope this has been informative for you.

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  • Rasim,

    Its really superb blog.
    You have mentioned in this blog that we can order free dvd set but not mentioned that where we need order. Could you please provide this information.

    Thanks once again for sharing useful info.


    • Hi Jai,

      In the SAP Software Distribution Center ( next to  “search for software” link there is a link called  “SAP Software Catalog”.Click that link and in the coming page on the right you will see “IDES” and under that you can see different IDES sets provided by SAP.Keep in mind that in order to order you should have a super admin user.


      • Hi,

        Reading your blog the first time, I was under the impression that you could order the DVD even if you didn’t have a super admin user.
        But now, what I understand is that you need this super admin user no matter what the media is (link to download, DVD)?  [which makes sens of course!]

        Am I right?

        Best regards,

        PS: Useful blog by the way! 🙂

        • Hi,

          I think there is a misunderstanding regarding to ordering DVD.You can not order without having s-user rights.Please take a look at the OSS Notes 532145.


  • As I understood your article, the pure automated installation process took 55 hours from pressing the start button to getting the final success message.

    1) How long did it take you in total, including reading documentations, finding out requirements, assembling software packages…?

    2) How many tries did you need for installing, i.e. how many times did you have to start the installer due to a preceeding aborted installation?

    • Hi,

      You are right.It took non-stop 55  hours in my last try.

      1)It took around more than one day to have all needed software components to install nw2004s ides also I spent around 2 hours for reading documentation and finding out requirements.
      2) I tried three times and in my last try i was able to see “completed”.

  • Hi Rasim,
    Thanks for taking the time to provide this insight. I have a question, though:
    How were you able to install on an external harddrive? Are you booting your laptop from the external drive (presumably via USB) or are you just storing the database there. In the latter case, how can you tell sapinst to use your internal drive for Windows and external drive for data?
    Thanks for your answer.
    • Hi,

      I am not booting laptop from external disk.Sap installation folder is under C partition and SAPDB and  user folder is on external disk.This works properly even I plug external disk later.

      • Hi Rasim,
        Excellent blog.. thank you for the info.. I have another question regarding installing on a external drive.
        I recently purchased (on Ebay) the IDES DVDs and was able to restore the image using Acronis S/W. When completed the external HDD had 2 partitions the first (10.76 GBs) which I believe is the W2k server O/S and the second (287 GBs) which I believe was the DB. If I read your reply correctly did you separated the O/S and  DB, if so can you provide some insight on how I can do this and the procedure to boot in a dual enviro.

        Thanks for your assistances..

        • Hi Joseph,

          My laptop has just 80 gb consists of 2 partitions.C drive is around 40 gb and D drive is 40 gb.My OS installed on C drive and I use D drive as a storage.DB and NW2004S installation files on my external drive except SAPinstdir and j2sdk .Before starting OS i plug my usb disk to laptop then start OS and it works fine.Briefly OS and DB has been seperated.In order to do so first install your OS on C drive and install NW2004S to D driver.This should work fine.In your case  there should be no problem regaring to boot or runnning nw2004s.

  • Hi Rasim,
    I see that you installed IDES on a laptop with only 2GB RAM. Is it enough to run the servers (ABAP+Java) at the same time plus NetWeaver Developer Studio and/or SAPGUI. What is your usual memory usage?
    I also have another question. I’m able to download IDES files from SWDC, but I only see the Oracle version. There is no link to download the MaxDB version. Do you think it is an authorization problem? If I search for MaxDB specifically, I can find MaxDB install files but I don’t know exactly which ones I need for IDES. Can you maybe give a hint what are the database dependent files in the IDES installation? I guess, there are not much.
    • I got the following reply from Rasim to my above question:
      Hi Molnar,

      Sorry.I think I have missed your question.I did not get any notification mail for new comment from SAP thats why I missed your questions.Actuall I used to get mails for the new comments.Anyway here my answers.

      1-  If you have chance to have ram more than 2gb it would be better.Strongly recommend you.My laptop supports just 2gb ram thats why I had to install with 2gb.When you have less memory you will need to  swap meaning using hard disk as a memory that will directly  effect performance.Usually system uses more than 5gb.With 2gb and swapping do not except good performance but sytems you mention work properly.

      2-This is related with your user id authorization.If your SAP system installed Oracle db then you only in service market place oracle version of IDES.In this case it is normal not to see MaxDB.If your OSS user has not authorization then you will not be able to see other databases.

      Hope these helps.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.
  • I am currently installing ECC 6.0 and have the following files/CD with me:-


    Note: This is without IDES..
    Are these files enough for me to install ECC 6.0 (to learn Basis) on Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (32bit) ?

    Do i need also need DeveloperWorkPlace70_WIN (51033522), BI70, CE71(51032969), PI71 (51033242), NWBC_10 to learn Basis..

    Please advise…Thanks in advance…
    Your post was superb..i really learned a lot..


  • Hi Rasim, thanks for interesting blog.
    I got a question, have you tried to upgrade this system? Is it possible to do it with or w/o Solution Manager?