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Benefits of enterprise development? (O’Reilly editor takes on SAP NetWeaver CE: Part Two)

The second of O’Reilly editor chromatic’s three-part series on SAP NetWeaver CE went live on the O’Reilly Network last week:

The first article of the series (Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful?) talked about installation; in this second article, the editor takes us through how he built a simple task-tracking application, the most elemental project he could dream up that yet covered the main functionality of CE.

After writing about his experiences, he closes with this:

“Having built a trivial application, I see the power of this system. It took me much more than an afternoon to put things together correctly for the first time, but reproducing my results even on a new project will be easier. Except for the initial system configuration and deploying the web service, the only difficult or time-consuming steps of the process were those for which the available documentation is skimpy or absent.”

I used to be an information developer at SAP, so I jumped in on the last documentation-related note in the comments thread, however another comments thread questions what the benefits of enterprise development are.

To all the great SAP developers of the SAP Developer Network: Who can jump in on the benefits of enterprise development?

ps: look for the third in the three-part series, on deploying and distributing the application, soon.

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  • In your quiet and very articulate way you sure know how to stir the pot Moya :-).
    I enjoyed going back and reading chromatic…errr..Shane’s installation experience.  (although besides the point, I also was highly amused with the mistaken identity dialogue, especially since Ignacio supports using false names…and here was duped,hoisted by his own petard on that one)
    But to the point, it would be great to see more SDN activity around Enterprise Development.  Hope you inspire many to cooperate.  Also liked your comments on “pay attention to cross-functional, cross-team documentation” and glad you have the eyes and ears of internals on this one.
    • stir the pot?  moi?
      i had hoped to get people to jump in — i’ve sent it around internally and externally. is it enterprise vs. web 2.0, the hard nut to crack? are we really divided more than we are united?
      hmmmm —
      • I asked excuses publicly for the confusion. I would like to talk about plurality not about division. I would not talk about a soccer game Enterprise vs Web 2.0. I eat for my work in Enterprise Environment, and live more time every day with Web (1.0,2.0…,3.0…X.0) tools, It’s a dual learning. Anyway Moya, escellent Blog please keep the serie up, I think to write my comments in Shane’s blog.
        • hi ignacio (if that’s your _real_ name – heh) –

          i agree about the cohabitation. if you work and live and breathe these things together you can teach us all the more.

          please do engage on chromatic’s blog – would love to see your take.

          there’s one more article in the series.  but thanks for the feedback — should we make it a regular thing? monthly?


          • I would ask to Shane her opinion about Community Projects in SDN. Please check if you access to SAP Mentor forum, I wrote a comment there.