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Welcome 14 New SAP Mentors

New SAP Mentors April 2008

As you may have heard, the SAP Mentor programidentifies and provides special status to exceptional and high-value members of our SAP Developer Network (SDN) and Business Process Expert (BPX) communities.

Please welcome the following new SAP Mentors that have been added to this elite group for their excellent community contributions during the last year: Abesh Bhattacharjee, Christopher Solomon,Darren Hague, Dennis Howlett,Durairaj Athavan Raja, Frauke HassdenteufelHow is the SAP Functional Skill Set Changing?, Julius Bussche, Oliver Kohl, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken], Philip Kisloff, Rajesh Banka, Somnath Manna, Susan Keohan

Abesh Bhattacharjee is always full of energy and new ideas which really shined during TechEd in Bangalore the last two years. Really happy to have him on board.

Christopher Solomon is similarly very active in the forums as well as a funny Blogger, great participation in the Clubhouse at the last TechEd in Vegas too.

Darren Hague loved our Community Day at TechEd in Munich so much, that he created a regional one in Londonthe other week, which was a great success. He is working on a virtualencore already.

Dennis Howlett he claims I twisted his arm a bit for him to agree to be an SAP Mentor, but of all Enterprise Irregulars he is the only external one that is actually blogginghere in SDN and BPX land. Great SAPPHIRE08 – an outsider’s view this morning. He keeps us honest and on our toes.

Durairaj Athavan Raja a long time SDN supporter who wrote his first blogpost in September 2004. If you ever meet him bring some time and let him tell you the story about how he got to program in ABAP. Was a highlight of TechEd Bangalore to sit in the lobby of the hotel and exchange stories.

Frauke Hassdenteufel without her relentless work behind the scenes we wouldn’t have as many Industry Solutions in BPX as we have today. Really great work getting them started and engaging the internal SAP folks.

How is the SAP Functional Skill Set Changing? if you are wondering where the job market is going for SAP professionals, there is no better resource than his site: site. He has some really great insights for the Business Process Expert market especially. Interesting Is There Really an SAP Skills Shortage? today too.

Julius Bussche  is a moderator in the Security forums and always in the top 3 and my colleague wrote he has Blag like enthusiasm in his area of expertise.

Oliver Kohl a fixture almost in the Clubhouse at TechEd in Munich. He also drove half way through Germany to be part of the Community Meet earlier this year in Walldorf. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] is an Enterprise Architect from the UK. He is part of the BPX Community Project and his consulting background was key to get thereal customer events crystallized  into the scenarios. He is keen on having more online interaction via webinars and online meets.

Philip Kisloff spent a decade as an SAP workflow consultant, architect and business analyst. He’s just recently joined a Capgemini.  Phil’s been both a lurker and a leader in our communities and has the distinction of being one of the very first members of SDN a few years back as well as being among the first to join BPX a few years later.  He shows thought leadership through meticulous article generation, forum comments and a few carefully constructed blog entries. (Nicked from Marilyn’s A Fly on the Sapphire Wall – SAP Mentor to SAP Mentor 😉

Rajesh Banka Mister SD India has for years encouraged community around SD topics and created SDN Mumbai Community Meetin Mumbai before we even rolled out the Community Day concept.

Somnath Manna SCM consultant working for IBM India. He was instrumental in getting things up and running in the SCM wiki space. Check the recent updated and you see his name almost every day. He is sharp, very passionate and critical of poor quality.

Susan Keohan for many she is known as the Queen of Workflow Goddess as she is hosting the SAP-WUG an as far as I know still super active MIT workflow mailing list. (check her blogger profile for more details regarding the ‘Goddess’ 😉  Always active around ASUG events, unfortunately this year a Out in the cold, no Sapphire, ASUG, or Clapton for me prevented her from the big event last week.

A paragraph per SAP Mentor is not doing any of our new SAP Mentors justice. We will do in depth profiles in the near future about them.

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  • It’s great to welcome more member to the SAP Mentors Team!

    You got a great responsability in your hands…Let’s make the SCN a better and bigger place -:D



  • Hi Folks,

    Its great to see some ikon personalities joining the Mentor band, hope you guys will not leave any stone unturned in your endeavours to make this forum unprecedented temples of learning.

    I would like to specially thank John Reeds, for joining this, sir, I am a great fan of yours, you’ve been doing a commendable job in helping aspirants to make up their minds.

    Gud Luck.

    Muralidhar Prasad Chatna.
    CRM Consultant
    Cognizant Technology Solutions.