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To whom the acronyms tell !

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  • Hi Simon

    There have been a few attempts at making wiki pages with lists of acronyms. If you go the wiki area and search for “acronyms” a few hits will appear.

    Wikis are a better way to maintain such lists as they can be editted, whereas someone coming to this blog later on will have to read all the replies (plus any drop in comments about identities!)

    Good luck with your internship

  • I agree to Michael that wiki is great for such vast,in fact never ending ( ever growing ) areas like Abbreviations…but then someone has to group them together ( and moderate ) so that its easy to trace and focus..else it will be like everyone adds what they know and it will be a mess and miss the purpose.

    Anyways good job Simons… it was a good start and i got full forms of many i heard but never took time to search’em and know…

    • Yeah after thinking about it I believe you are right with the wiki. For me it was an entry point to SAP and i wanted to share this with others so my first thought was just blogging about it. Thanks for your replies I will keep them in mind