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Find Your Way in the Great New World of SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP: We Will Guide you

This blog is an invitation for you to SAP Enhancement Packages. This comunity project is run by SAP Business Suite and SAP Netweaver: Thomas is the co-author of this blog post.

We want to motivate you to ask everything you want to know about this exciting new technology regardless of

       – whether you already have installed ERP enhancement packages,
       – plan to do so, or
       – are merely interested in getting to know more about them.

You can also share your experience with other users in the forum that is linked at the end of this blog. In any case we are interested in you writing your questions or experiences concerning the new SAP EhPs.

SAP enhancement packages represent a new software delivery strategy that allows you to get innovations on top of SAP ERP 6.0 without the need to fully upgrade your current release. With SAP enhancement packages, the methodology for implementing new functionality has significantly changed. What are the fundamental changes and the new implementation procedure coming with SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP? Getting familiar with these procedures will help you to minimize implementation efforts.

Two major characteristics mark the key difference between SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP and other, older technologies:

1. Selective installation of software components:

  • Each SAP enhancement package contains new versions of existing software components, which does not constitute an innovation on its own. But with SAP enhancement packages, you only update software components that are related to the functionality you want to use.
  • After the installation, no UI or process changes take place.

2. Selective activation of new functionality:

  • New functionality must be explicitly switched on to become active in the system.
  • Changes are predictable, with changes only in the activated areas – no side effects.

This was just the very basic information for those who are not all familiar with the SAP enhancement packages for ERP. 

To learn more about this new strategy  you should read the Must Know Guide or the Blogs Thomas and [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] have posted.

Christian´s weblog What you must know about implementing SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP and Introducing SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP explain everything around the concept and the implementation procedure of SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP.

Thomas´Blog sketches the SAP enhancement packages in the context of the underlying Enhancement and Switch Framework:  The Three Use Cases of the Enhancement and Switch Framework: Part 7 – The Enhancement Package Strategy of SAP ERP 6.0. Blogs that explain the underlying Enhancement and Switch Framework are linked at the bottom of this page.

Please visit also the SAP enhancement package information center. Furthermore you get additional information in the SAP enhancement package Wiki.

And now its your turn: Just ask everything you always wanted to know about the SAP enhancement packages SAP Enhancement Packages!

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  • Recently a discussion started company internal about the implementation of Enhancement Package 3. We found a lot of documentation but unfortunately those docs (the linked powerpoints in /erp-enh) are English only.

    It’s very difficult – if not impossible – to give non-english speaking/understanding key users an overview about new functionality. And even if they do understand English, the SAP terminology is “another english” what even native speakers sometimes don’t understand.

    I would HIGHLY appreciate if it would be possible to translate that 400+ pages linked overview into German – SAP has its roots in Germany, no? 😉


  • Hi Christian,

      We’re now in ECC 600 with EhP2 installed in our production landscape. Of course, we can continue to bring in new functionality on ERP side by installing EhP3, EhP4 as needed.

      My question though is on the Basis component. Our ECC is now sitting on NetWeaver 7.0 SP14. Is it possible then for us to upgrade it to NetWeaver 7.1? Or we have to live with NetWeaver 7.0 and bring in EnP1 for 7.0 as well?


  • Hi Christian,

    after 2 or 3 days of reading i’m a little bit confused about enhancements. What i’m am looking for is a way to create enhancement points in my z-report (so far no problem) and then build a switch for it.

    Is it possible to connect own reports to the switch framework and can you recommend a source where to look it up?

    Kind regards,

    Robert Rein