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User Exits in FI-LAE Substitutions for SAP Leasing Solution

The FI-LAE (Leasing Accounting Engine) is a fascinating module to support the SAP Leasing Solution (as well as some others like Real Estate).  It is very powerful and can be a very flexible tool if you understand where you can exploit areas of amending functionality with ABAP. In this case, I’ll demonstrate how you can use familiar tools like FI Substitution and user exists to fill in values for FI-LAE Value Ids. All instructions are based on ECC 6.0. The first few steps are generic for any Substitution and creating user exits for Substitutions.  The rest will be specific to enabling it for the FI-LAE module. *Creating the Z program to hold your user exists* As recommended by SAP, take a copy of the provided program *RGGBS000, *e.g. ZGGBS000.

*_Create your user exit in the Z program_* I’ll assume that you (or someone) will appreciate all the typical details for creating user exists for substitutions and won’t go into all the details here.  A few key points follow: Add your exit to form *get_exit_titles* Add structure FILA_VALSUP to the list of tables in the top data declarations.  This is important because this is the structure that you can append via FI-LAE configuration to pass values into the substitution.  Adding the structure here makes those values available to the user exit as well. Write your user exit.  In our case, we needed to get a specific implicit rate to PV our Residual Values when evaluating the classification on renewed leases.  This involved creating a Z table where we maintain our rates. (By the way, this is in unit testing now.  The code has not necessarily been optimized for performance.  I wouldn’t normally use a Select * if I didn’t really need all the fields.  I’m not a formally trained ABAPer so get someone who really knows what they are doing to write the code!)     *Update IMG to use your new Z program instead of the SAP delivered program for substitution exists.* SPRO- Financial Accounting (New) – Special Purpose Ledger – Basic Settings – User Exits – Maintain Client Specific User Exits Update application area GBLS with your new Z program. ** *Configure your FI-LAE Substitution* Again, I’m going to assume you already know how to setup substitutions in FI-LAE to fill in value fields.  I won’t go into those details. In the end, your substitution should look something like this when calling the user exit. I’d admit that FI-LAE calls the substitution engine in an awkward way.  It doesn’t really let you specify which value id you are performing the substitution for.  Consequently, in “Prerequisites” it is best to check the value id you are substituting.  This will alleviate risk that a given substitution step will be invoked and overwrite the value of other valueids. *

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