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Finding where FI-LAE ValueIds are Used in Customizing for SAP Leasing Solution

This is a very short blog…a quick item that I discovered today and to my knowledge is not expressly available within an IMG menu path, FILAHELP or FILASYST.  Feel free to enlighten me if I’m wrong; however.

Have you ever wanted to know all the places a value id is referenced in the FI-LAE configuration / customizing tables?

Very simply done…execute program FILA_CHECK_VALUEIDS_LIST.

Enter FILA in the component field and execute.

This will list all the value ids in the system.  Same as using the Overview/Expert mode transaction in the IMG.  However, with this item you may click on a button and specify a specific valueid and determine where it is used.

For those that are really impatient and want to get right to the point, you may also execute program FILA_CHECK_VALUEID_USAGE (which is called from the aforementioned program).  Specify the component (FILA in case of the SAP Leasing Solution) and the valueid.

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