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A Fly on the Sapphire Wall – SAP Mentor to SAP Mentor

SAP Mentors Phil Kisloff of CapGemini and Dick Hirsch of Siemens spend their very last minutes of their very last day of Sapphire ’08 Orlando discussing the benefits of live networking. These guys have been connected online for over two years and are here together again for the first time. (well actually their paths crossed during SAP TechEd in Munich last year, but this is their first face to face recorded conversation, to the best of my knowledge and their very first mentor chat).

It was fun to be a proverbial “fly on the wall” as they explore how events solder relationships formed online.

Phil, who was an SAP customer in a large pharmaceutical company for many years spent a decade as an SAP workflow consultant and as architect and business analyst.  He’s just recently joined a partner firm.  Phil’s been both a lurker and a leader in our communities and has the distinction of being one of the very first members of SDN a few years back as well as being among the first to join BPX a few years later.  Workflow and processes are his areas.  His contributions have often been of the more traditional flavor: thought leadership through meticulous article generation, forum comments and a few carefully constructed  blog entries.

Dick’s areas of expertise include Portal, Knowledge Management, Portal Integration and SSO, CAF and other Enterprise SOA related areas.  He is an avid proponent of community technologies and is one of the pioneers of the BPX community project.  Dick is a prolific SDN and BPX blogger.

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  • Give it up for Marilyn and her first video out to the community and I do believe the first “event” video from the team this year.
    • If given encouragment she will produce more of these.  In fact, she’ll start taking SAP TechEd requests for TechEd chats, people, themes, events, candid moments.
      The secret is to limit the clips to less than 9 minutes (that’s even long).  I have all the footage of the BPX pre-confernce day if folks are interested.  I would really like your feedback so that I know how to spend and not waste time with edits. Candor is really appreciated so fire away.
  • Despite my apprehension, I was very comfortable having a conversation. No time for doubts, just said what I what I thought – hopefully it will provoke someone to say “but I disagree entirely, and here’s why”.

    How about a “Have your say” opportunity/booth at TechEd08?

    • Like the idea Phil and hope that folks will choose to have their say in multiple formats.  I’ll have a video camera, but can also record using sound only for podcast.  Would love to have a collage of folks “having their say” at TechEd.  Craig is the master of ceremonies in the clubhouse, so let’s see how he weighs in as well.