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Manufacturing – Join Workshop on May 20th 2008 at Sapphire

The Enterprise Services Community (ES Community) is forming a collaboration workshop at Sapphire EMEA on May, 20th to review and discuss Enterprise Services (ES) for the Manufacturing industries.

Presently, Manufacturing organizations are faced with a number of challenges to deliver innovative products, respond to customer demands quickly, and eliminate costs. In order to meet these requirements in a competitive market Manufacturing industries have to be highly flexible, whilAMDst insisting on accurate data information and IT support as well as optimized parallel processes. These issues are particularly, though not exclusively, important for multidisciplinary organizations.

A past Product Community Definition Group conducted by the ES Community in the High-Tech Industry was a huge success. Customers and partners together with SAP demonstrated their collaboration experience and gained mutual benefits. Experiences in the Manufacturing industries proved an evident demand for Enterprise Services in Manufacturing processes. The conclusions drove a distinct improvement into the enhancement of the use of existing SAP ERP back-end quality management functionality. Furthermore, the results paved the way for reduced costs related to maintaining interfaces to quality management systems. In the words of workshop participant Liladhar Bagad, Intelligroup: “We appreciate SAP’s Enterprise Services Community program as a welcome, fresh approach. Working together in the manufacturing group has had an immediate positive impact on our services and our customers.

The goal of the forthcoming workshop that will be kicked-off on May, 20th during Sapphire EMEA, is to discuss the current scope and define new use cases within the Manufacturing Industry. In addition, solution architects will provide insight into latest developments in Quality Management. The Group will be led by the Solution Manager within the Manufacturing Industry and a Program Manager from the ES Community. The newly set up workshop offers an ideal platform for stakeholders from the accordant industries to discuss, define and elaborate Enterprise Services on the basis of their specific use cases, aiming at concurrency in all Manufacturing operations.

Don’t miss this forthcoming collaboration opportunity and join us at Sapphire on May 20th 2008. Please contact us: This blog will be continued soon, providing further information and immediate insight into the outcome of the workshop. 

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