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The people of SAP TechEd 2005-2007

Here’s a look back at one of the things that makes SAP TechEd the most amzing events of the year…the PEOPLE!



Be sure to take part this year and be sure to Community Clubhouse ’08!

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  • Thanks for the vid Craig. Brought back lotsa sweet memories from TechEd :). All the known faces, friends, colleagues just got me prepped and eager for TechEd 2008. And the soundtrack rocks !
  • Fun is something I'm glad to be reminded of by this video and it should be part of community life.  Thanks for providing some with this cool editing tool and great output.  Nice way of honoring so many folks who make this more than a job.  Back you are and welcome.
    • The service gets most of the credit, I picked the images, how they appear in the series, the highlights and the music but the service actually puts it all together. Amazing results as you can see.

      I have another one I am rendering right now with over 100 photos (this one was 59) so it's a good 3/4 mins long once it renders I will be able to watch and see how it turned out - if good then I can publish otherwise back to edit mode and rearranging.

      You coming to TechEd this year?

  • In case you didn't notice in Mark Finnern's blog:

    SAP Mentors (the 1/100th of 1% of our communities) will receive complementary tickets (that's "free"!) to SAP TechEd this year. 

    You will get to meet the cream-of-the-crop of our SDN and BPX communities at SAP TechEd in either Las Vegas or Berlin or Bangalore or Shanghai. 

    See the full list of Mentors here:

    Make your TechEd plans here:

    Mark Yolton