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Mobile Influence update – sneak peak of Ajax app

One of the coolest things about organizing tracks at ASUG events is the quality face time with new contacts as well as with long-time collaborators.  At the end of Tuesday’s session on Mobilizing Business Processes, Louenas Hamdi of SAP Labs (business card) was having technical difficulties with sharing a couple demos that were either Windows Media files or Quicktime clips, to the point that we froze the projection screen totally on a grey rectangle.  I shared a few tips I’ve learned projecting media (Terry Tate anyone?) in conference situations.

A few clips that SAP Labs is working on can’t be shared, but Louenas and Jan Fetzer agreed that this clip is cleared for public consumption.  The usual caveats apply to this media, in that this is not necessarily a working product currently available, your mileage may vary, etc.

The context is that developers want to build and deploy applications for mobile devices in a GUI, with little coding, and have the app run on a variety of devices.   In about 2 minutes, you’ll see what I mean. 

  • MobileWeaver Ajax Composer
  • Building partner search widget
  • Database element configuration
  • Drag, drop and relate design experience
  • Webservice toolkit use deployment
  • Quick app mockup
  • Rotating device display – multivendor support agnosticism

Still image:


Silent movie (clip is 640×480/~5MB, so patience is recommended for WAN links): 



Later, Louenas did some calendar math and was surprised to learn I am the same age as his father. I just smiled.


ASUG Mobile Technologies SIG Discussion Forum

SDN Mobile Wiki

Business case for Mobile Ajax by Louenas 

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  • It was a pleasure talking to you.
    To our dear customers, I would like to stress that MobileWeaver Ajax is a research project. It is not part of NetWeaver mobile. Hopefully one day it will. We are working on it 🙂
    Ajax is a very interesting technology for mobile applications. Usually people think Ajax is about drag&drop, online maps, chat clients, etc. For mobile applications especially business ones is it a little bit different. The base technology is the same as desktop Ajax. If used well it can give a dramatic boost to the end mobile application. Let me give one hint here: the main problem for mobile web apps is usability due to latency and some other factors. The more one can preload and reduce round trips the less it is frustrating to the end user!
    Last year, I wrote a short paper about Mobile Ajax:
    At Open Ajax we wrote the following paper: