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Community – The Movie : Let’s Do it !


Most of you would have read Moya Watson’s BlogAnnouncing “Community: THE MOVIE!” and know that it was an April Fools joke 🙂 Lot of you, including me, fell for it.

But the blog sure got me thinking. Why can’t the community go ahead and make a movie of it’s own, with actors not out of Hollywood but the real-life person from our Community ?

For e.g : Craig Cmehil, would play himself and so would Mark Finnern, Marilyn Pratt, Rich Heilman, Thomas Jung, Alvaro Tejada and YOU !!! 


What Do I have in Mind ? 

Those of you who know about the Gmail Video , you know the magic a passionate community can generate for something they love.  Those of you who have not, here you go : 



Casting Call

To start off we need Scriptwriters to cook up a interesting story Hollywood style, but certainly pertaining to the Community, with characters from the community. Once we have a story ready and the community thinks it’s the perfect script for the Movie, we take the next step.

We get hold of the characters and tell them the role they have to play, their dialogues etc.

Next, the most important part, Shoot the Movie : Since all of the characters in the script may not be available at a single location at a specific time, what we can do is maybe ask volunteers to take up a scene they plan to shoot with a character/characters. This can be done at TechEds or other events when the people shooting the scene physically gets to meet the characters.

Once the shooting is done we need skillful editors to edit and piece together the movie and we have our very own movie, written, shot, produced and directed by the community.


Silence : Great Minds at Work 

I’ve created a Wiki Page Community – The Movie.
If you are interested in contributing in anyway to this initiative please feel free to extend it and add your ideas as well 🙂 


So you guys up to the challenge or what ?

Added by Craig:

As is tradition on SDN and BPX we like to reward contribution and therefore here is the break down – although this will never come close to the reward you get for simply being part of the community and doing your part! Brilliant idea Abesh, please include this in your blog post!


  • Submitted Script: 100 points
  • Selected Script: 300 points
  • Participant: 100 points 
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  • Hey Abesh,

    that’s a neat idea. Although what I like about the GMail movie is that it is not a script that they follow but it actually looks like user contributed content stitched together in a funky way. By that you don’t have to deal with amateur actors trying their best but in the end you have a hard time making an somehow entertaining movie out of it.

    So why not let everybody who is willing to contribute a small piece of the film following a common theme, add a kick *** tune and bake it together like the GMail movie. Like some famous dude once said: better well-stolen than poorly self-made.

    Just my two cents.

    Cheers mate,

  • so glad to see i wasn’t joking about a movie!  i *definitely* want a cameo in this one… maybe i’ll have to cook up some interesting script…
    • Hey Moya,
      You are the one who started it 🙂
      Just put whatever you can think of in the Wiki and we’ll soon have something substantial to start shooting 🙂
  • Abesh:

    Sorry for my very late response -:( Kiara and current project really get me away from SCN this last couple of weeks…

    What can I say about Community Movie? LET’S DO IT! Great idea as always! Going to add myself to the Wiki -;)