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ASUG08 – Second stage (day # 2) / Fly On, Little Wing

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Tuesday, second full day of sessions.


First session I moderated was SAP on Blackberry.  I ducked out to attend a couple other sessions, but when I got back it was over.  I got Bruce Johnson’s card, who promised to get back to me about possible webcasts.

Stopped in Marilyn Pratt and Marco ten v’s presentation on social media. Shel Israel stopped in, Mark Finnern stayed, and the audience participation was very interactive.  Marilyn used the analogy that Kevin de Kock made about jazz improvisation and new socializing technologies.  The audience asked questions about what SAP’s direction is here.  My thought would be, how do we get linked to true collaborative content rather than a static HTML page, if we wish, when we have a product usage question.

Took in a few minutes of Rich Heilman and Leonardo De Araujo presenting on “SDN Community project ABAP Report Wizard”,  as SDN Community project ABAP Report Wizard @ ASUG’08 ! on SDN. Good stuff, and I saw Tom Jung in the audience after reading his tweets on the content.

Back at the Social Media presentation (1704: “Why Should Your Organization Care About Social Networking” – but NO SLIDES…) I caught the tail end of discussions on technologies, youth vs. older people, trust vs. spam and how businesses are using LinkedIn over FaceBook.  I was only able to pick up 1 new invitation, however…

The 11:00  session was my second with co-speakers, but this time I was taking a back seat as SAP Product Management and SAP Labs shared product roadmaps and then asked for audience feedback.  The survey we did before conference had about 40 responses, and I’m hoping for a few more from the audience members, who did not see to be aware of it.


Stopped in at the end of Juergen’s presentation; he mentioned he had been to the session Apple did on archiving.  Some of the numbers he quoted were extraordinary, like Apple posting over 1 million orders per day to their SAP financials back-end system.  Great from the revenue side, but a huge challenge from the infrastructure side keeping such a behemoth from crushing under its own weight.

Mobile Technologies.

Sorry, session content restricted to ASUG installation members!

But, what I learned afterwards from Louenas is in a separate blog called “Sneak Peak of Ajax App“.

At 1:30 I intended to look at a new method of collaborating on tracking Influence Councils, but missed finding Oliver, our SAP ASUG liaison for influence.

I started heading for an SAP Netweaver strategy session on Mobilizing Business Processes, but happened to see James Farrar, the SAP Vice President empowered to manage Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, so I tagged along to a session with a large and diverse group of SAP customers, social media people, and others involved.  I was only able to stay for a short time, but I shared a bit about my success helping cut down on waste where I work. 


Marilyn Pratt and I talked to Kim I. from Kimberly Clark, who seems to be challenged with many similar issues that Marilyn, I and others are tackling, and the three of us engaged immediately.  Kim said she wasn’t using LinkedIn much yet, so I sent her an invite right at the end of the session, while also demoing the BPX site for her and others in the room. 

After that, I stopped in to see how the Mobilizing Business Processes strategy session went, and found out no one but me found the room.  This will go into my “lessons learned” messages back to the ASUG and SAP event programmers for process improvement.  However, I talked to Jan Fetzer for a bit longer, and met a couple SAP people from Israel, who were also meeting friends and colleagues. 

Last official session Tuesday was Tom Jung’s presentation on Netweaver voice.  Good stuff, but I don’t work in this area, so I left about half way through.  It was sparsely attended, since it came several hours after the last education session, and also coincided with a keynote talk.

Speaking of keynote, I didn’t physically attend, but absorbed material osmotically by hearing content on hallway monitors, and by monitoring twitter.  Here are a few tweets I saved off from audience members like Tom Jung, Rich Heilman and Dan McWeeney:

  • BPM can generate UI based upon input data flowing into the current steps – currently only generates Web Dynpro Java
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (the software formerly know as Galaxy) now being demo’d
  • Cool system, wondering how accurate the voice stuff really is. Can it take an address? How does it know who’s calling for a list for billing?
  • I might want to be a CIO if I could ride on Harleys into every meeting. 


Then, out of the  convention center for a few stops and onto the “big event.”

Clapton is God (no offense to other religious persuasions)


On the bus back afterwards, I got decompression feedback from a few folks on lessons learned, to help with our ASUG BITI newsletter, and also found colleagues from the Philadelphia and Baltimore area chapters.  We committed to upcoming local events – watch your inbox for more!

Richard Hirsch and I will try to get together Wednesday to record a podcast.  Hope twitter works as designed to help us connect. 

Bad Mobile Device:
Good Dog:

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  • flashing through the sapphired firmament.  Scary to think how one person could be in so many places almost simultaneously.  Reminded me of some of the latest action flicks because like digital media Jim is not locked into any physical space.  He seemed simultaneously present in multiple locations. It’s what is referred to as ambient intelligence 🙂
  • Counter clockwise from foreground:
    Kim Iversen, Kimberley-Clark
    Marilyn Pratt- SAP
    James Farrar- VP CSR at SAP
    Kevin de Kock – Social Media Group
    Devin Stewart, Carnegie Centre for Ethics in International Affairs
    Diane Osgood, Business for Social Responsibility
    Chris Lloyd, Verizon
    Steve Rochlin, AccountAbility
    Krista Van Tassel, Net Impact
    Beth Jenkins, Harvard JFK School of Government, CSR Initiative
    Maggie Fox, Social Media Group
    Gary Niekerk, Intel
    Eric Biel, Burson Marsteller
    Bill Kramer, Global Challenges Network
    Mark Yolton, VP of SAP Community Networks