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Sapphire 2007, Reloaded

SAP Sapphire is a huge event taking place in the US then in Europe, this year the US one is in Orlando and had 15,000+ attendees and it’s the starting point for the SAP Blogger program. 

I attended the US one in Atlanta last year and had an eye opening experience in terms of how far SAP goes to make executives available to industry, Analysts, Press, Bloggers, etc. amazing and something I’ve never experienced with any other company of this size.

I’ll be in the Berlin event in about a week’s time so if you are there come by and say hello, want to know an easy to find others attending events? Just click here. Oh and if you are attending be sure to update your Wiki Profile as well and include the tags “sapphire08” and/or “sapphire_us_08” or “sapphire_emea_08”

The following is a little “flashback” to Atlanta…

Want to follow the event? Try here. (Disclaimer: the link leads to a site not associated with SAP however I am personally associated with it)
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    • I plan to post photos, I’m so surprised about Orlando considering who all is there – perhaps they’ve just not uploaded yet?
      • ‘Course I have a few pics and stories to share, but staying in the Quality Inn wasn’t a quality internet experience.  Took 3 hours to upload 2 pictures from Jim Spath 🙁
        It’s midnight and I just got home to NJ.  Should have some pictures soon and I have some video surprises but those will take a little time to edit and upload.
        I also thought I’d wait to see if the community wants to see my stuff ’cause I thought I was getting the message that some people weren’t that eager in event reporting. If I hear otherwise from the community I’d be delighted to share. Else I keep noise level low.  Let me know folks.
        • I knew you would not disappoint 🙂 I also knew that you attending an event without a camera would be like someone going with wearing any clothes – just not going to happen 😉

          But what’s this about the community not wanting to hear what others in the community are doing? I would say hogwash to that!

          Jim’s reporting on the event seems to be getting decent “looks” so I say bring it on!