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Enterprise SOA Development Handbook

Ever wondered what development is like in the enterprise SOA world? There is a new document out there providing the answer(s) – the Enterprise SOA Development Handbook. Let’s take a closer look it:

Enterprise SOA…
Enterprise SOA is SAP’s blueprint of a service-oriented architecture.

In the past, 95% of development were about pure programming. On a more abstract level, development is about providing solutions. In an SOA world providing solutions includes both programming and composing.

A handbook is “a book capable of being conveniently carried as a ready reference” (according to Merriam Webster).

So we have: A book, which is not too big, and which explains how to develop applications based on enterprise SOA. To be able to start development you will first of all learn some of the basics and what you need to consider in terms of your landscape. Afterwards you will be guided through the actual developing cycle. Here comes the structure of the handbook:


  1. Introduction
  2. Lifecycle Management
  3. Process Composition
  4. Service Provisioning
  5. Service Consumption
  6. Enterprise Service Bus

SAP NetWeaver Product Management compiled the essential knowledge you need to survive in your enterprise SOA environment. Check it out!

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