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ASUG08 – Ascent stage (Full day #1)

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I skipped the keynote, as both my co-speakers for the 11:00 Unicode presentation came in late Sunday night and we haven’t met in person since the actual conversion in February 2008.

There are a couple edits I still need to do to the slide deck but I decided to focus on my presentation rather than the slide appearance.  As I learned in presentation skills class, move the focus away from the screen by not reading the material, but either keep it skeletal and verbalize everything else, or put a lot of detail and have people read it afterwards.

The first session I moderated was on simple SAP apps for the Blackberry,  Roger Myers has been doing SAP for a long time and knows his stuff.  I really like his approach of keeping the screen content minimized to avoid data transfers and screen changes, and using BSP with “plain old HTML” seems like a great way to maximise application portability.

It went pretty quick, so I had a few minutes to stop and visit Dave Hubert and the Incident Management Influence update.  Low turnout, so I hope it let out earlier than the scheduled 2.5 hours.

Then my session.

About 80 attendees. 

A few good questions at the end:

*)  Why didn’t you need more space (a FAQ)

*)  Did you need to make any upstream or downstream systems Unicode enabled (no, although we are independently moving non-SAP systems to Unicode)

*)  What was your testing time cycle (typical 6 weeks or so from DEV to QA to PRD)

Then, a nice lunch break with Paul Loos of Oracle, one of my co-speakers

After lunch, spotted Dennis Howlett walking the hallways.  Will catch up with him and other bloggers later (“methinks”).

First official session after lunch was Altalink’s presentation, and meant to head to Environment Safety and Health Influence Council but was diverted into an SAP panel discussion session on sustainability and corporate performance.  Marilyn Pratt was filming and twittering, and while sitting next to her, pasted a few of her thoughts into my notes for further thought.

Second session was Eric Domski talking about return transport items – very fundamental goods movement and inventory tracking.  Eric said he’d find me a product manager who can talk about mobile devices on a webcast.

Spent a few minutes sitting in on Portal and Visual Composer by Butch McNally from Eastman Chemicals.  Butch is a great guy, and it sounded like their project was  very successful.

I looked in on Harald Reiter‘s session, but there were people standing in the back, so that was a great sucess.

In the bloggers corner, had a nice chat with Marilyn Pratt and Kevin de Kock of Social Media 

Then listened to Tom Brokaw speak for a while, and made a note to check his book out of the library. 

After sessions, went to a reception.  One photo attached – Marilyn will describe others.




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