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ASUG08 – D-1 – High Tech Day with High Tech friends

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Saturday was an “off-day” as far as my official ASUG conference duties, and I traveled to the Kennedy Space Center for an all-day tour with Joel Albert of Chevron and Juergen Kirschner of Oracle.  Juergen is a long-standing speaker at ASUG events; this year he’s talking about partitioning large (and VERY LARGE) databases for SAP R/3 at session # 1005 on Tuesday at 11:00 in room 304G.
I always learn from Juergen and yesterday was no exception.  I’ve sent an email back to the office to check network settings on a couple new application servers, as SAP note 198752 is still applicable to Oracle 10.2 systems.  I believe this is due to us running an Oracle 9.x based SAP kernel, rather than the “end-of-life” 640_EX2 extended maintenance kernel, from what Juergen said.

As we looked at satellite preparation work spaces at KSC, I was reminded of this spectacular failure:

NOAA N-Prime satellite toppled over


Not to mention the awful tragedies of two lost shuttle crews, the second occuring while I was at a middle school Science Fair.

A minor gripe about my mobility – Windows Mobile 6 and the Samsung smart phone – part of the time the combination doesn’t work as a cellular modem, and part of the time the device is recognized but doesn’t come up in explorer. 

I’m looking for possible Mobile Technlogies webcasts for the time between this conference and next – ping me if you have any suggestions.  I spent a few minutes on the plane comparing the current Influence survey with the one from over a year ago, so some patterns ar emerging.  Ramp up of the new SAP/RIM interface is a possibility.

I opened the box from Sue Keohan, and found each light I’m supposed to distribute individually packaged, along with spare batteries.  So, to prevent the battries from being mislaid, I’m opening as many as I can and stashing the batteries for re-supply later.  See me if your blinky light goes dark…

Movie Sign!


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  • Hey Jim,
    Glad to know you are in receipt of the lights.  I know you will take good care of my ‘peeps’ while I sit home feeling sorry for myself, but hopefully, healing my disc.
    Howl at the Moon at least once for me!