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Wiki Envy: The new Guided Procedures Wiki

I was always envious of the Visual Composer wiki (and now there is even a Visual Composer 7.1 wiki)- so much content, such great tips. I always looked in the wiki and then in the forums for the answers to my questions.

I thought it just wasn’t fair. Guided Procedures was part of the Composition Environment as well but there wasn’t any actual Guided Procedures (GP) wiki content. If you searched for GP in the wiki, you found old pages with hardly any content. Every time you looked for content concerning GP, you had to dig through various search screens and then dig through a few blogs until you found what you were looking for. If you look at the forum posts regarding GP, many of the questions are repeated. The great tips are buried in the forums in an unstructured manner. “What about Workflow in SAP NetWeaver?”, you might say. Well, GP isn’t disappearing any time soon. My impression is that with CE increasing in importance, the interest in GP is increasing as well.

I decided the time was ripe for the rebirth of the Guided Procedures wiki. I spent the last two days (not 48 hours – I have to sleep as well) and collected all the material I could find on Guided Procedures.  I sorted through all the blogs (all of which have been linked into the wiki) and structured them into a useful fashion. I took all the e-learnings and put them into the structure as well.  With the forum posts, I only went back about 4 months.

The result is the new Guided Procedures wiki.

I hope that those using GP will add to the wiki content as well.  As Mario just Building a Wiki and your reputation, the wiki is important for building your reputation as well. You now have a chance to prove your GP expertise.

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