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Community Clubhouse ’08

Finally found the link to create a new blog 😉 and with the power of that link I’ve decided to share with everyone some insights into the planning already going into the Community Clubhouse @ SAP TechEd ’08. OK seriously I’ve been way too quiet in the blogging this year and that needed to stop and what needed to start was my sharing with everyone about what is happening with the SAP Community of Innovations Clubhouse at this year’s SAP TechEd ’08.

The Clubhouse “idea” was implemented for the first time in San Diego in 2004, since then it’s been seen in San Diego, Munich, Bangalore, Vienna, Boston, Bangalore, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Las Vegas, Munich, Bangalore and will be coming to Las Vegas, Berlin and Bangalore this year in 2008.

In the past I was co-cordinator or “deptuy mayor” as we like to use from 2005 to 2007, this year  in order to give Mark, the ability to focus more on the Community Day which as many have noticed is exploding with activity and expanding like crazy!

This also means that if the Clubhouse this year sucks it’s my fault and since I don’t want to be “faulted” I’m here to reach out to each and everyone of you out there in the community. But first let me share with you what we are looking at now for 2008.

The following images are renderings for the Bangalore 2007 event and are just to be considered “ideas”.

SDN Lounge, a smashing success and the “oldest” element of the entire Clubhouse this is the spot for SDNers to come together, meet, socialize and help each other. 

Often throughout the events you will find many of the brightest minds from the community taking a break and relaxing and catching up with each other, it’s also the prime spot for finding out about some of the newest and coolest tools and services available to the community.

You’ve also plenty of chance to still influence this area, Gali who is in charge of this particular spot in the Clubhouse blogged just the other day “Help Shape the SDN 2008 Lounge


So where does your collaboration come into play? The second part of course! In order to play the Wii everyone will need to earn their ticket. The question is, how will it be earned? It should be by doing something that highlights an area in SCN, or perhaps a tool.  While some good ideas have been discussed such as video blogging or the Code Gallery…I’d really like to hear YOUR opinion. 


What area or service on SCN should be showcased at TechEd in our SDN Lounge?


The next area of focus is the Community Theatre, this is the spot to “Meet the Jammers” as well as find out from experts on a variety of topics. 


OK I couldn’t resist that is actually the virtual version of the theatre in Second Life! The theatre is an excellent opportunity to learn about some of the coolest things happening often times months before they hit the mainstream.

For example hearing Michael speak about new processes and services coming into the community! Or just stop by for some fun with the Community Quiz!

Our third primary element, and not in the least discounting ASUG (in the US) or any of the various “Activity Tables” at the Clubhouse nor the SAP Solution Pods, IVN, ESC Communities or any of the multitude of other elements present at the Clubhouse is the Business Process Expert Community

In 2006, Marilyn formed the BPX Knowledge Table and it was an instance hit, 2007 we cotninued as well as expanded it to include a “lounge” area as well. 2008 we are happy to say that both are back!

(Image from Marilyn’s amazing collection

Now the BPX Knowledge Table and Lounge are being worked on now, sessions being scheduled and discussions being considered – if you have something in mind watch this space as [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] will be blogging in the near future about what is going on and opportunities available for those wanting to host a session, discussion or chat. 

For now I highly recommend everyone check out the SAP TechEd wiki as well as the SAP TechEd and blogs and be sure to give your input now! 

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  • Community Day is the best, I would go to Vegas just for it. TechEd itself is an extreme experience, I was four days in a intensive knowledge adquisition program, I did not want to lose any session, so my main relax activities were outside the teched space: some beer at night and a bit of Vegas and not too much. I needed to go out the hotel ! I did not have more time (and energies!) to be/go to clubhouse. I don't know if my experience is a common experience in people going to Teched. I feel that you do not have an easy job.
    • Ignacio - You MUST spend some time in the Clubhouse at TechEd this year.  It is high energy with the enthusiasm of the members of the BPX and SDN (and ASUG and ES and ...) communities, yet it's also an informal place to take a rest and meet some people in-between all the sessions, keynotes, demo-jams, concerts, and the rest.  Stop by the Clubhouse this year.

      Mark Yolton

      • Ignacio:

        Agree with Mark...Community Clubhouse is a MUST! I spend a lot of time in there and meet many good and nice people...You can drink coffee and talk...Craig even run a contest last year...Which I won by the way -;)

        Don't forget to look for me...We got some many thing to talk about -:D