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Native Language Blog Posts

Deutsche Version weiter unten.


We did a little experiment with a couple of native language blogs and forums.


The good thing was that it brought Renald Wittwer out of his Blog Language 😉  

Within days he got 20 comments about it.


We talked about it and came to the following conclusion. Forums in a foreign language like this one: /community [original link is broken] is O.K. Little caveat, we can only open such forums if we have at least two native language moderators working for SAP.


You can post a blog in your native language, but you have to write the English text first. Like I did with this one.

Unfortunately people will realize, that I can’t spell in German either 😉


As long as we can’t separate the different language blog posts, I think this is a good compromise. It puts a bit more burden on the author of a blog, but it helps all the readers that have problem with the English language. May be it just creates a good laugh because of the bad translation job. 

Deutsche Version:

Wir haben ein bischen mit nicht English sprachigen Blogs und Forums experimentiert.

Das gute ist, dass es Renald Wittwer aus seinem Blog Language gebracht hat 😉 


Inerhalb weniger Tage gab es 20 Kommentare.


Wir haben uns darueber unterhalten und sind zu dem folgenend Schluss gekommen. Es wird witerhin Foren geben in die nicht english sparchig sind wie zum Beispiel: /community [original link is broken]. Kleine Einschraenkung, wir werden solch ein Forum nur dann auf machen, wenn es mindestens zwei Moderatoren gibt die die jeweilige Sprache sprechen und SAP Mitarbeiter sind.


Man kann auch einen Blog in seiner Muttersprache posten, jedoch muss der Englische text zuerst geposted werden. Wie ich es mit diesem blog gemacht habe. Leider werden die Leute feststellen, dass ich auch auf Deutsch nicht buchstabieren kann 😉


Ich denke, solange wir die anders sprachigen Blogposts nicht separieren koennen, ist dies ein guter Kompromiss. Es ist ein bischen schwerer fuer den Autor, aber es hilfft all den Lesern, die Probleme mit der Englishen Sprache haben. Vielleicht verleitet ja die schlechte Uebersetzung zum lachen.

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  • Hi Mark,

    The idea to release a Blog in two languages means the double effort for native Bloggers which could be a real torture on longer blogs and will always be a disadvantage for them.

    Isn’t it possible to offer an online translation service like google offers? I know that a lot of people think that online translations sucks, but test it, at least the google solution is pretty good! A lot of people in our regions can’t speak english at all. An online translation would be the only choice for them to continue blogging.

    Please test it yourself:

    Best regards,

    • Hi Darius,

      Let’s do the as I call it flip flop test. Translate my English text into German and back again.

      Here is the result:

      We have a little experiment with a few native language blogs and forums.

      The good news was that it brought Renald Wittwer from his retirement SDN Blogging 😉

      Within days he received 20 comments about it.

      We have talked about it, and it was concluded. Forums in a foreign language like this: SAP Business One Fórum em Português Little reservation is OK, we can only open when such forums we have at least two native moderators work for SAP.

      You can create a blog in your mother tongue, but you have to write the English text first. How do I do with this.

      Unfortunately, people will recognize that I can not spell in the languages German either 😉

      As long as we can not separate the different language blog entries, I think this is a good compromise. It puts a little more effort for the author of a blog, but it helps all readers, the problems with the English language. May be it only creates a good laugh because of poor translation of jobs.

      It is better than I thought it would be. Therefore a great help for the author to write in native language, translate into English and touch it up a bit and be done.

      All the best, Mark.

    • Darius,

      I do not understand why you (speaking for the non-english speaking SAP users) want to offer your services on a GLOBAL community.
      English isn’t my mother’s tongue either, but to be able to take part in this (and other) global commmunities I’m investing some language practicing to reach just that goal.

      If your users don’t want do that investment why don’t you create a regionally (or language wise) separated community for those colleagues? Imagine  all of our indian friends starting to caqncel the common language compromise and communicate in several languages? And all of us Europeans too? Do you really think you can manage all this by Google    Translate??
      Moreover, I don’t want to have my contributions to be translated by some semi-professional translation service. Why? Because, now in case of misunderstandings we can simply find out if it was my bad phrasing or your wrong interpretation and   clear that problem. with a translation service we’ll not have an easy chance to find out where the problem is and fix it.

      Please, create a regional forum if those people in that region refuse to agree on any common language (doesn’t have to be english necessarily; esperanto anyone?). Otherwise, I suppose, you’ll ‘enter history’ as one who was co-responsible for destroying the global spirit of SCN.

      regards, anton

      • Hi Anton
        power of online translation is question of time, How many time do you think that is necesary for having an online translation without you note the difference ? I believe that online translation ( even speech ) can open a new age in human relationship. Write in language that you want and read in language that you want. With software we will can do that. For now I think that Mark’s proposal is reasonable. English version is mandatory, but who know ? I could use Google (or others) tools to translate to english, it’s just the beginning.
        • Ignacio,

          with all due respectfor your faith in online translation services, your ideas of everyone ‘inputting’ in his own language and by means of translation services yielding a communication sound very naive to me and remind me of the tale of the building of the tower of babel (we have a very beautiful painting of pieter breughel on permanent display here in vienna if you ever happen to come by).

          Even with translation services dramatically improving in quality, in my opinion it requires a very mechanistic view of the world to assume that such services will (in the foreseeable future) ever support real communication (and in the end that’s what COMMUNITIES are all about).

          Auto-translating a simple technical report written in trivial language without any connotation and without any other stylistic factors is one thing but having a more elaborate blog, maybe discussing more abstract issues or discussing issues on a more abstract level using more advanced language (non-trivial phrases, sentences, …) or finally discussing blogs through comments and building a community view on some issue is something which I do not believe to possible through translation services.
          The latter imho is what makes a community, what makes it different from an encyclopedia.

          Finally, I think human relationships will not be promoted very much if our attitude is just to mechanically understand every other’s words instead of trying to understand the person behind the words and really interacting with each other.


          • Very good speech, very moving, I don’t have that ability ( at least in english ). “sound very naive”, thanks, sometime it’s naive at the beginning, there is an eternity to work in multilanguages tools, I can wait. Semantic recognition software is most than a mechanic work, it is the ability to talk to the machine, when we will have that software, which language you are going to talk ? what you want. Incredibly I find in SDN more resistance to multilanguage that in other technology communities, but I think it will pass.
    • Hi Ignacio,

      Wiki is the same case as forums, we need two SAP employed moderators that speak the native language, to open up a wiki in a native language.

      All the best, Mark.

  • Mark:

    This is really nice…My next blog is going to follow your double-language theme…Internationalization of SCN is coming! And I’m here to help it grow -;)