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Visualisation of operational sceanrios

Over the last years the demand of visualizing and therewith controlling and steering ideally the whole logistic network increased dramatically. At least the expectation and willingness to start realizing this in some areas or subsidiaries of the company is there. Especially in the transportation and logistics services industries the demand for such applications is high.

Therefore I would like to share with you our latest prototype (a cooperation between our IBU Travel & Logistics Services and SAP Inspire) for Postal Companies. Requirements from several postal organizations across the globe led to a first version based on a combination of 2D (Maps) and 3D (Sorting Center and Truck) objects with additional information tied directly to the corresponding object. Also interactions between these objects are possible.

So please have a look at the attached screenshots and feel free to give me any kind of feedback. Means concerning the layout, design, your industry and market requirements etc. 


Entry view


Detailed Information about specific distribution center


Detailed information about the tour and truck (red route)


3d-realization of truck and its load


Drill-down to distribution center level


3d-realization of distrubtion center areas and technical equipment

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