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  1. Darren Hague
    Hi Dirk,

    This was an interesting interview that gave me a few things to think about on my commute. There was no mention of Sun open-sourcing Java – isn’t this a bit of an “elephant in the room” when discussing open-source business models? I’m not sure they were revenue-shifting – indeed, I think the major advantages for a large corporation to open source some of their code are to do with (a) easing adoption of their platform, towards a services & licensing play, and (b) improving platform quality from community bugfixes & enhancements. Is anyone at SAP beginning to have these thoughts?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for comments.

      Well, yes, no, I think, by making the Java part of the stack cheaper, they make more money available at some customers that could be shifted into hardware.

      But this is a very hybrid solution. You typically revenue-shift only by creating a community open source project that gathers everyone. So IBM is competing with its own solution. SUN would have to let everyone in on Java, which means they could not play a dual-license strategy if they wanted. AFAIK SUN holds the complete rights still. That opens up their Java offering for a commercial open source strategy against IBM etc. Not exactly a complete community project 😉



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