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Enhancing Related Links in SAP Solution Manager Work Centers

The Related Links sections of the Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager are designed to be enhanced and modified by customers. (However, enhancements to navigation links in other areas are not allowed.)

Let’s assume you want to include an additional URL link in the Related Links section.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Role Maintenance (transaction code PFCG).
  2. Enter a role name, for example, Z_SAP_SMWORK_SYS_ADMIN, your copy of the role for the System Administration work center. 
  3. Click the Change icon.
  4. Choose the Menu tab.
  5. Expand the Role menu entry, in this example, System Administration.
  6. Position the cursor where you want to the new entry to appear.
  7. Click on Other to enter a URL.
    The Restrictions box appears.
  8. Choose Web address or file.
    Enter a descriptive text and any URL, for example, a URL that calls SAP NetWeaver Identity Management.
  9. Click the Save icon.

Your new entry will appear under Related Links.

For more information on customization in general, see SAP Note 1160651.

If you cannot find relevant information or do not know which documentation is relevant, see SAP Note 1088980.

Important hint for future users of SAP NetWeaver Business Client:
Only some URL types will be supported by the BC. Changes only become visible on exiting and re-starting the BC.

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  • Solution manager seems to be some kind of sick SAP experiment. First stick it to us with the download bits, then suck us in with NWA and SMD, then replace that with E2E and now work centers. Once burned, twice shy.