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[In the interest of blog sustainability, I’ve recycled an earlier topical blog with new material, like turning over the compost pile]

Dave Hubert,  Michael Wiedemann, and Kristin Thome host an extensive look into the  SAP Global Support process, with the expectation that customers will surface complaints, improvement suggestions, and even praise, on problem resolution.

Dave writes: “We […] will have a broad presentation. They will go through the support organization and how it functions around the world. I will delivery some tips on evaluating message handling, using support desk and certification to slightly enhance responses and we will show the simple feedback process to advise SAP on ways to improve the process. We have been given a huge 2 1/2 hour but I think we will fill at least 90 minutes and then Q&A. The more the merrier.
Our final presentation draft will be uploaded…”

Since then, the presentation is now online, a 95-slide PDF file showing a huge attention to detail on the material to be shared at the session (one week from when I’m writing this).  Find details and reserve this in your agenda builder schedule:

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Monday, May 5
Room 221A

Session # 5111 

Other Influence Updates and Influence Councils I’ve written about recently that you may find useful to attend during the 2008 ASUG Annual Conference:

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And yours truly will facilitate the Mobilizing Business Processes Influence Update, as mentioned in the blog:

ASUG 08 and Sapphire 08 – what will the experts  be saying?

ASUG 08 and Sapphire 08 – what will the experts be saying?

[Original blog follows] 

On November 16, 2007 a webcast with speakers from SAP and ASUG shared details of a continual improvement project that could benefit your organization.  Leaders of SAP Active Global Support produced a survey to gather data on their strengths and weaknesses.   While many of us shy away from the potential monotony of “yet another form to fill out,” I’ll give reasons why this is a win-win opportunity.

At the ASUG Annual Conference in 2007, Michael Wiedemann and Kristin Thome from SAP presented the topic “Feedback on message solving” in an Influence session.  These tracks are designed to funnel customer comments directly to SAP management, in a structured way that allows open dialog and builds trust. ASUG publishes a report each year on the progress and status of open Influence Councils.  Unfortunately for Michael and Kristin, the time slot they were allotted as well as the multitude of other sessions gave them a tiny audience.  I don’t even recall seeing this on the schedule and only found out about today’s webcast poring through my inbox.

When I read “message solving” as the topic, I was a bit mystified, but have since realized it could be called:

  • incident reporting
  • case work
  • issue resolution
  • bug tracking
  • solution management
  • service desk activity

During their earlier presentation (available to ASUG members by going to “Hot Topics” and then “Message Solving”), they described successes that they had achieved after adding surveys when customer messages were closed, called “Customer Satisfaction Survey” and “Positive Call Closure”.


The reported quality of service has been moving in the right direction: 



However, the participation rate has been low:



OK, now for the good part!


The turnout for this survey has been low, with less than 100 customers submitting feedback to SAP, so Michael and Kristin announced that the survey is being extended through February 2008.


Access to the survey is via the ASUG web site as mentioned above, which leads to a page on the SAP Service Market Place.  If you’re not an ASUG member, you can send the same information to SAP – just have a look at  OSS (sorry, SAP!) note#736045external site. It’s called “Complaints concerning SAP AG Service & Support” but they are looking for positive criticism, not just general griping (for that, come to the annual conference and meet the BITI folks at the pub…).

The survey entries are very simple:


 Disclaimer – conditions [] Check here 
 Message number [0000012345]
 Message send date [mm/dd/yyyy]
 Category Best practice or Proposal for Improvement
 Short description of the case  
 Your suggestion for SAP  


Dave Hubert of Molex Incorporated   (Hi Bhanu!) is the main customer contact for this influence process, and I promised Dave I’d talk this up.  I know our company has a set of cases we’d like to see work better the next time.  It’s up to us to dig up the specifics and let SAP know. 

So, have you waited a really long time and gotten the wrong answer?    Or, did you possibly get the right answer, right away?   In either case, SAP Active Global Support wants to hear from you.

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