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SAP Education Program and a Visual Composer Certification at TechEd’08…

A month ago Govindu Nagotla opened a VC Consultant Certfication in TechEd08!!! in the Visual Composer 7.0 forum, he suggest a certification program for Visual Composer at TechEd’08. He also suggests the content of the certification. I also spent some time to think about the certification and what could be the content of the certification. In the beginning I thought a certification for Visual Composer? This isn’t necessary… Visual Composer is an easy to use tool to build very fast business applications for the SAP NetWeaver Portal. But after a few minutes of brainstorming I had so many points on my list, that I must say, ok a certification program for Visual Composer makes sense. I’m also familiar with other technologies for creating portal applications like WebDynpro and for those technologies there are also certification programs.  Then I replied to the thread with my initial thoughts and I decided to discuss this with Dafna Yanay the SAP Product Manager for Visual Composer. We have calls at regular intervals. Last time in our call I asked her if there is something planned for Visual Composer and of course in regard to the new Visual Composer 7.1 which is part of the Composition Environment. She was interested in the topic and we decide to ask the community and dependent on the feedback of the community we will make our next steps. So this is the initial blog for discussing the certification program for Visual Composer in this thread. Please feel free to participate at this discussion.

I had a look into the SAP Education program and noticed that there is a a curriculum for Visual Composer available, but no certification. I think Visual Composer is a tool which is used by developers and also by business process experts (when you think about the community project in the BPX area), so I think there must be a certification for people like the business process experts (without deep technical background of how to connect to backend systems  or how to create a service) with a focus on modeling applications depend on the requirements of business processes and a certification for developers (with more technical background like how to connect backend systems and so on) and a third certifications for the absolute experts. Maybe the three certifications can classified like the other SAP certifications into Associate, Professional and Master.

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  • Hi Marcel

    I think it is better to make VC part of the existing certifications. It is not the tool that you want to show knowledge of, but its application to real world useage. For example, it can be used as another method of exposing BI content, so it could be part of the BI ceritification.


    • Hi Michael,

      thanks for your reply. I also had these thoughts, but I think it’s difficult to say Visual Composer is a tool of BI, because you can also use it for creating transactional applications. I thought it could be part of a “Portal UI resp. application” certification with Webdynpro and so on. But I think this also doesn’t fit. Maybe a certification for composite apps is the best way.

      I wait eagerly for the future discussion.


  • Hi Marcel,

    what would SDN Community be without your great blogs and huge efforts!?

    In my opinion, two factors are very important and should be part of the certification

    1. Possibilities and restrictions of Visual Composer. With every Service Pack being released, a new set of functionalities became available. However, many little features that could be useful, are – surprisingly enough – not available. Thus, a VC Developer should be very well aware of the things that are not possible and aware of the million workarounds that exist.

    2. Visual Composer – a tool to use with care.
    VC is a tool that makes the creation of small applications very very fast and easy. However, some requirements cannot be met with visual composer (printing, mobile apps, specific layout requirements, etc.). In these cases, the designer of a composite application should be very well aware, too, of the parts to model with VC and the parts you should implement with other tools of SAP NetWeaver.

    To put it in a nutshell: you should not use a hammer, when you need a screw driver 😉

    When Visual Composer Certification comes, count me in.

    Kindest Regards from Munich,