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How to correct posting periods?

It frequently occurs that posting periods are defined, postings have been made & then a decision is taken to change the posting periods from, e.g. months to year. SAP Business One does not allow the change of posting periods as soon as there has been a journal transaction. There are 2 options to correct the posting periods. It will depend on the circumstances & the number of transactions which method is the most suitable.

Option 1 (preferred solution):                                                                                                                                                                                           

Roll back to the last backup of the database before the first posting was created using the new period:

  • 1. Identify all delta data that has been added to the database since the first posting has been made in the period to be corrected.
  • 2. Export this data by either using the ‘Export to Excel’ functionality or export from a ‘select’ SQL query.
  • 3. Reinstate the backup & create the correct posting period, backup the database.
  • 4. Import all delta data.

Using this method, the integrity of the database & the appropriate sequence of posting periods is retained. All reporting can be done according to the correct periods.


Option 2 (technical alternative, use only if Option 1 is not possible):

Example 1:

The Posting period is defined as ‘Months’ when it should have been ‘Year’. There have been postings in the periods. In this example, the first 4 months have postings. The current setting is as follows:




All periods that do not have postings yet can be deleted:

  • 1. Administration -> General Settings -> Posting Periods -> open the period
  • 2. Rightclick in the ‘Posting Period’ window & select ‘Remove’

Once only periods are left that have postings, perform a complete period end closing including all reporting.

Backup the database.

Create a new posting period as follows (Caution: Check if your customer uses period indicators & adapt appropriately):




Ascertain that the ‘To’-posting date is correct.

The new fiscal year starts at the first day of the new period. Any subsequently defined period will start at 01.01.2009.

Example 2:

The posting periods should be set per month & have erroneously been defined as per year.

Restrict the current posting date range to the next logical date, e.g. with a current date of 21.04.2008, the last posting date for the current period should be set to 30.04.2008, such that the next period starts on 01.05.2008.

Create a new period as follows (Caution: Check whether your customer uses period indicators & act accordingly):



As subperiods choose ‘Months’ & then set the number of periods to ‘8′ (May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec). Click on ‘Update’.

SAP Business One will then automatically create the required periods. On the last day of the current period take a backup of the database.

Once all transactions have been entered into the ‘old’ period, perform a complete period closing, including all required reporting.

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