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What’s thy color? – v2.0

Ever since publishing the What’s thy color? – Mozilla Firefox Plugin almost a month back in SDN, I felt the basic need to upgrade it, due to the compatibility issues and the annoying pop-ups.

The earlier version was pretty sluggish and buggy. And the worst thing was I didn’t test it in different versions of Firefox. I hoped it would work across all the versions as it did for me. With the Firefox v3 in the beta stage, there was a pretty much thing to do to make it compatible and work with these versions.

With these things in mind, I did the complete revamp of the entire code and added up some mashups.

About the new plugin update: The entire GUI would look similar to the previous one except the addition of the Preferences window. Here is a screenshot with optimal settings:

 The first option would indicate the number of user profiiles to pre-fetch, while the next one would tell the application to wait for the specified interval to load the user profiles.  You could start setting the lowest possible wait time and increase the time if the network is a bit slow.

Next coming to the menu option to clear cache files: The user profile data is stored in the Mozilla Firefox application data. Hence it would be wise to clear the cache once in a while to avoid fat/huge files. The menu option is highlighted below:


Apart from these changes, more stability has been added to the new plugin.

The updated plugin can be downloaded from the URL:

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