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Search & display the Business Partner Catalog Number in a Purchase Order

There are two options to consider when displaying the Business Partner (BP) Catalog Numbers. One if the BP catalog number should be permanently displayed for a specific Business Partner. The other is if the BP Catalog Number should be displayed in the Purcahse Order (Or any marketing document), no matter the BP.

To display the ‘Business Partner Catalog Numbers’ in the marketing document regardless of the BP, do the following:

1. Open the form settings for that document (Go to Tools -> Form Settings).

2. Go to ‘Document’ tab -> ‘General’ tab.

3. Select the ‘Display BP Catalog Numbers’.

Form Settings -General Tab


When the Purchase Order opens the BP Catalog No. field will always be visible instead of the ‘Item No.’ field. 

Po +BP Catalo NO. - none bp specifc


In a marekting document to display the BP Catalog Number for a specific BP only, do the following:  

1. Open the ‘Business Partner Catalog Numbers’ window (Stock -> Item Management -> Business Partner Catalog Numbers).

2. Go to the  ‘BP’ tab.

3. Change to find Mode and select the relevant BP.

4. When the correct B details are displayed, at the bottom of the BP tab, select the option ‘Use BP Catalog Number in Documents’.

BP Catalog Numbers - BP tab - option selected



When this BP is selected in the Marketing Document, in this case the Purchase Order, the field the ‘BP Catalog No. will be visible instead of the ‘Item No.’ field.

PO + BP CAtalog No.



In the Form Settings – Table Format  of the Purchase Order (Or any marketing document) there is also a field called, ‘BP Catalog No.’. This option must be selected as ‘Visible’ and ‘Active’ in order for both of the above options. If it is not selected then the ‘BP Catalog No.’ field will not appear on row level.

Form Settings - Table Format tab

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