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Questions on activating approvals for initial use.

1.  Why do none of the defined approvals work?

  • Approvals are created and maintained in the ‘Approval Templates’. The Approval Templates are defined in Administration => Approval Procedures => Approval Templates.
  • The approval functionality needs to be activated in order to work with any ‘Approval Template’. To activate the approvals functionality, go to Administration => System Initialisation => General Settings => BP tab. There is a tick box here called ‘Activate Approval Procedures’. If this option is not checked then none of the defined approvals will activate, even if the ‘Terms’ of the approval are set to ‘Always’.


2.  The General Settings – BP tab is opened so that the option ‘Activate Approval Procedures’ can be checked. However, this check box is greyed out and cannot be set to active. Why does this happen? How can this problem be resolved?

  • There are two reasons why this setting would be greyed out for a user.
    • The ‘Activate Approval Procedures’ check box will be greyed out if the logged on user is not a ‘Superuser’. Only Superusers can activate this setting. Superusers are defined in the user set up, in Administration => Setup => General => Users , when the option ‘Superuser’ has been selected.
    • If a Superuser is named as user in the ‘Originator’ tab of an Approval Template, then the check box ‘Activate Approval Procedure’ will be greyed out for this user. Superusers named as originators cannot select the ‘Activate Approval Procedures’.
  • To resolve this issue:
    • Check if the logged on user is a Superuser.

      If the user is a Superuser, check to see if this Superuser is named as an originator in any of the Approval Templates.

      The query provided here will help to quickly identify which approval templates the Superuser is named as originator in. 

      When this query is run select the user name as required. The query returns the list of approval template names and the user name, as specified before the query was executed, where the user has been named as originator.

  • Query

    SELECT T0.[Name] [Approval Template], T2.[U_NAME] FROM OWTM T0  INNER JOIN WTM1 T1 ON T0.WtmCode = T1.WtmCode inner join OUSR T2 on T1.UserId =T2.internal_K WHERE T2.[U_NAME] = ‘[%1]’ 


    EOP_January08, EOP_Logistics, EOP_Approvals, EOP_Administration


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