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How MDM and enterprise SOA can help Government Systems: Moving towards Ideal World


I was reading an report about SAP-MDM where there was an observation that SAP is not popular with governments. Definitely I agree cause governments don’t run ERP systems which is core strength of SAP. Then I gave more thought to SAP-MDM that SAP-MDM is an product which can easily fit into government systems since its functionality is different from other SAP systems. New systems from SAP are definitely play an important role in government systems.



How MDM and enterprise SOA can help our dealings with Government agencies and also their own, in nutshell?

I was dealing with government agencies like others and was having difficulties faced by almost everyone. Thus this very thought came into my mind that why Government doesn’t use MDM system to maintain the master data across their various departments and their systems. Further they can be interlinked to each other with the help of enterprise SOA.



There are many problems faced by citizens (us) while dealing with Government agencies and its same with the government agencies in dealing with all citizens. It is most often the case that many departments are not linked to each other.  Example is the police; Its often the case that the various police stations and also other security agencies are not inter linked. Similarly this is also true with interconnections, for example the police stations are not connected to the other government agencies which requires close interactions like passport department, Municipal departments etc.








If all the systems have the common master data, which requires to be shared among the entities; it will simplify the everyday’s life of citizens (us) and also government employees who deals and requires this information.  Isn’t it a wonderful idea that passport office sending a master data to central police station requesting information of particular citizen, which in turns sends the request to the concerned police station(s).  

This example could not be the case with many developed countries as they already have similar mechanism in place. However there are still many departments which are not linked like Municipal department, Social security departments, Visa departments etc.

Example, the social security department asks to provide the visa information since they don’t have this information. After this they verify this information with the concerned departments. If this information is centrally available, it will save the time, manual errors and stop the possible frauds.


Moreover, this doesn’t require very heavy cost of implementing it. A server having a unique number and linked to all the departments will be enough. This can be further enhanced by central MDM system.



However to use this; the best will be linking them with Services Layer. So any department will just have to put query into the system and according to the master data passed in query, it will fetch the required info. 




To conclude, I must say that MDM system can play very important role with Government and with the help of enterprise SOA, I will say it that *we can move towards Ideal world*





Company :   SATYAM Computer Services Limited

Role:   Projects Lead / Project Manager 

Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views.

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  1. Former Member
    Hello Ankur?
    What abut that data? How departments can use it? I mean by which tools.
    Does not SAP MDM implementation means that they will  have to use other SAP applications for the data processing? Or MDM can be integrated with they legacy applications
    Kirill Lis
    1. Ankur R Goel Post author
      Hi Kirill,

      Sorry for not clearing in the blog;

      1.  eSOA will help them in using their legacy systems and all the data across.

      2. MDM will help them to integrate their Data with single version of master data as all the systems should refer to same citizen or person to have consistent flow.

      Will appreciate more queries from you and brainstorming…

      1. Former Member
        Thanks for reply.
        So as I’ve understood to use master data in that way they need not only MDM but the whole NetWeaver?
        And if so. Does it have a good ROI to use NetWeaver just for MDM, bot not for the complex integration and use of service? If not than in my opinion we should bear in mind that such MDM just a part of the big SOA roadmap and should be considered in that context.
        1. Ankur R Goel Post author
          I am afraid that its not true that they need whole NetWeaver…
          Please have a look on the my other blog *SAP-MDM can play a role in non-SAP landscapes (Plug and Play)*. MDM system can very well play an part without SOA.

          However I agree that while opting for SOA, MDM is a part of big SOA roadmap.

            1. Ankur R Goel Post author
              Its all my pleasure to help and satisfy you Kirill 🙂

              I appreciate your questions as I now I know where my blog lacking and will update it accordingly…

        2. Former Member
          For better explanation of my questions. I just want to get whether SAP MDM independent product or inherent part of SAP NW.
          Kirill Lis

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