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SAP-MDM can play a role in non-SAP landscapes (Plug and Play)

How SAP-MDM can play a role in non-SAP landscapes 


I had an Customer requirement and got the message from business that they are not looking for SAP product for managing their master data since they are on non-sap landscape. This is quite usual and most of us would have come across such scenarios.


Misconception ~ SAP MDM is only for SAP landscapes

This is widely and wildly sold misconception that SAP-MDM is only for SAP landscapes. What I would like to emphasize here that after SAP brought a2i, it only brought SAP industry wide experience and maturity into MDM product and making it more reliable and enhanced it according to Industries requirements. The product is able to cater the requirements of many organization as of now. Its proven its capabilities to solve the root cause problem of master data. The vision is clear and with next release of SAP-MDM 7.1 it will be mature enough to cater any industry requirements.


Moreover the standard content provided by SAP in SAP-MDM is based on their experience of Industry and their landscape to help the organizations. However SAP-MDM is as good as the designer/Data modeler. Its upto the imagination and skills of Data modeler to model the repository according to the requirements. 


Example: SAP-MDM can play twin role of managing employee master data and also authorizations (Identity Management of NetWeaver) in the organizations which are not on SAP landscape. Definitely can manage Customers, Vendors, Materials, Citizens (governments) etc… Master Data problem is quite ubiquitous in organizations.



Plug and Play SAP-MDM in non-SAP Landscapes

There are various options for connecting SAP-MDM to the non-SAP systems. 


Inbound mechanisms:

  1. XML
  2. ODBC
  3. flat files
  4. Access
  5. Excel
  6. Oracle


Outbound mechanisms:

  1. XML
  2. Flat files


Connection mechanisms:

  1. Java API
  2. COM API


Currently XML is widely accepted and used method for data transfer between systems. Thus SAP-MDM can be easily integrated with any other system or landscape. Moreover SAP-MDM is SOA enabled which makes it capable of play an part in non-sap landscapes.




Company :   SATYAM Computer Services Limited

Role:   Projects Lead / Project Manager 

Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views.

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  • Hi Ankur,

    1) Your customer mentions he has data on Non-SAP Landscape.
    2) SAP MDM would require purchase of SAP MDM and would benefit only those who use SAP with other hetrogeneous machines with data.
    3) If your customer does not use SAP or does not intend to use SAP then I feel he should have other MDM solutions other than SAP MDM.
    4) Just because SAP MDM can access other sources of Master Data using XML and other options it does not mean we provide SAP MDM as a solution to him.



    • Hi Sharan,

      1)     Yeah, The client can have some SAP systems and complete non-SAP landscape.
      2)     Yes, SAP MDM would require purchase of SAP MDM. However customer similarly require purchase of any other MDM solution to cater master data management. Thus even if customer doesn’t have SAP then also SAP MDM can be used as standalone application in that heterogeneous landscape. 
      3)     Not necessarily, it’s a widely and wildly sold misconception that SAP-MDM is only for SAP landscapes.  This was the intension of this blog to highlight that SAP-MDM can be very well placed and function in non-SAP landscapes.
      4)     Definitely this is not the only feature while selling SAP MDM to customer. However while selling this should not a negative point by misinforming customers by some that SAP MDM is only for SAP landscapes.

      Hope this clarifies.
      + An