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Nicole and Alvaro Tejada

Alvaro Tejada holding Kiara Tejada Castro

Would you trust this man with guiding, mentoring and nurturing your ABAP forum? 

That’s not even a question. Take a look at Alvaro Tejada with his new daughter Kiara Tejada Castro and have no doubts as to how Alvaro cares about his family and extended family. 

When Alvaro shared his wonderful news earlier today, the coffee corner was all About to become a father….

You can read the pertinent statistics in the post and then some. But this picture says it all.

Alvaro: happy, caring, human being and passionate SCN member.  Online and off.


So many events of the last few years are documented here.  It was exactly two years ago tomorrow that another community member’s first child made her entrance into the world carried by another SDN t-shirt wearing father bearing her in his proud arms while another new father spread the Doing our part: SDN the next generation!

Interesting how our personal credos and behaviors spill over into our professional lives.

Acknowledgement and recognition has been Alvaro’s trademark here.


It’s time to give a bit of that back to an incredibly engaged member who never fails to encourage as well as support. 

So to Alvaro and his wife Millie:
Felicitaciones en el nacimiento de su hija, la más hermosa y más preciosa .


Best wishes from your extended family here and a big thanks.

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  1. Abesh Bhattacharjee
    Hey Buddy,
    The best news of the month, first thing that i noticed just after I came to office and it made my day 🙂
    Congrats Blag and Welcome Nicole 🙂
    All the best wishes from me and my wife Haimanti 🙂
    Now I’m off to celebrate my way… work just might take a little beating today 😀
  2. Somnath Manna
    Granny surely did usher you to the Community in the most apt way. I am not sure what nickname your parents will chose. But “MAyRA” will surely be a good one.
    One more Uncle from India
  3. Former Member
    When I told Milly yesterday that Marilyn posted a blog about our daughter and how many best wishes I got from my post in Coffee Corner, she really gets happy -:)

    Now, having read all your comments…I can’t say how grateful I’m to you…My SCN family greets my new family in a way I couldn’t had imagine…Some tears of joy run down through my face…

    Anyway…You know how a mother can be…So Milly is thinking about changing the name to Kiara…Why? Because in Spanish is common to call sons and daughters with small names…By say…”Kiara = Kiarita”…So with Nicole, you don’t have the same effect…

    I love the name “Nicole”…But I can tell my wife not to choose “Kiara”…Of course not -:)

    What I would always called her, besides the name we finally choose would be “Mi preciosa bebe”…Which means…”My precious baby” -:’)



    1. Marilyn Pratt Post author
      Kiarita muy preciosa y hermosa.  Lovely and precious name.  Sounds like something very valuable :-).  Updated and properly annotated. Best from us all.
      1. Former Member
        Hehehe…Yeah -:) I couldn’t find my 5K T-Shirt…And I remembered that you used your 2K one…So it seems like a good choice…I must be become a golder rule to hold your newborn with a 2K T-Shirt -;)



        1. Mark Finnern
          Hi Blag,

          I am really happy that you continue to hold up the  tradition to hold your precious one in a 2K shirt 😉

          So glad that she is fine. When you started to announce already a day before I was a bit worried that you may jinx it, so glad you didn’t. 

          All the best to you and your whole family, Mark.

          1. Former Member

            Thanks a lot -:) Yeah…I realized that it wasn’t the best idea to announce it before it actually happens…Thank god, every went just fine -;)

            Today when to the registry, so now she’s a Peruvian Citizen -:D




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