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In an ideal world end users are able to start a business application and use it right
away without any guidance and without having to look into hundreds of pages of
documentation. As we all know most business applications fail to achieve this level
of user friendlyness – not so the Duet Time Management scenario.


This Duet scenario allows employees to record their work and billable hours using their
Microsoft Outlook calendar. All an end user has to do is to set the Duet flag for an already
existing calendar entry and this entry automatically gets synchronized to the SAP backend. It’s as straightforward as this.


At least in a very basic use case – Duet Time Management does offer
a number of options on top of this basic use case to allow end users to enter all their relevant
time sheet data in this very convenient and efficient way. Not that it would take much longer –
you do have the chance to bill on different orders though or to create different types of
appointments to be synchronized to the SAP backend. The relevant SAP backend functionalities are taken
to where they bring the highest return on investment – to the end user’s desktop.
Everybody that
has basic Microsoft Outlook skills and knows how to create an appointment
can now take advantage of SAP ERP’s great time management functionalities.   


Implementing the Duet Time Management Scenario results in:


– No double maintenance of time sheet data in Outlook and the SAP backend anymore
– Ensured timely time recording and a compliance that is taken to a new level
– Increased Ease of Use
– Faster Services Billing
– Better Information on Project Costs


On top of these advantages the Duet Time Management scenario allows end users who track
time in Outlook to get a detailed overview and analytics on how they have allocated their
time including their current time balance, weekly allocation and total time assigned per
project code.




In order to see how easy and straightforward it is let’s have a quick look at a screenshot – on the left hand side you can see a typical MS Outlook appointment. The difference from MS Outlook without the Duet add on to Outlook with the Duet add on can be seen on the right hand side, and in the additional buttons that come with Duet. The buttons allow you to track time in the SAP backend as well and the Duet Action Pane on the right hand side allows for entering additional necessary information like activities etc.


Looks very easy to use, doesn’t it? Believe me: it is. Give it a try.

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