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Adobe to discontinue ADS…

A while ago Adobe announced on their website that they would discontinue there product “Adobe Document Server”. This has lead to some confusion amongst users of the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe product. This blog attempts to clarify this confusion.

The main cause of the confusion is due to the fact that the acronym “ADS” is used for two inherently different products/components the Adobe Document Server and Adobe Document Services . Let me clarify further.

The Adobe external product “Adobe Document Server” (ADS) was first released by Adobe in March of 1999 as the first multi-function, server-based PDF generation product carrying the Adobe brand. Adobe Document Server was designed to perform a number of PDF-based operations in a server environment such as PDF distillation, page assembly, document formatting, and form data merge/extraction. The Adobe Document Server is now replaced by the Adobe LiveCycle product line which was first introduced in June of 2004. For more information on Adobe Document Server please refer to the Adobe website.

The discontinuation of the Adobe document Server has no impact on SAP Netweaver product SAP Interactive forms by Adobe, since SAP Interactive forms by Adobe uses the SAP Netweaver internal component “Adobe Document Services” (ADS) which forms the core of the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe product. The ADS is integrated as a internal component inside of SAP Netweaver and ships with SAP Netweaver. ADS is responsible for core Adobe functionalities like PDF generation , PDF authentication etc. ADS has been using Adobe LiveCycle since its inception and therefore is and remains compliant with the same.

Hope this clarifies the confusion.

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      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      I just went through trying to explain this to my client's tech team (outside our SAP group). We had the one naysayer in the group who is the "I know all about technology and what's going on because I keep up with every company and site there is" type. He kept arguing with me that Adobe dropped the ADS product (as we are using Interactive Forms) which is really part of his "everything new that SAP does is really just old technology on it's way out by the time they embrace it" arguements (they can't understand why SAP doesn't jump everytime a new Java version comes out). I kept trying to explain the difference between "server" and "services" but it wasn't getting through (and probably wouldn't since he just wanted to hear "you're right, oh Great One of All knowledge" haha). Soooo now, I can just point the whole team to this nice blog which summarizes everything perfectly. THANKS!!!
      Author's profile photo Benny Schaich-Lebek
      Benny Schaich-Lebek
      ...And pointing your customer to this nice blog also showed them what you think about "some specific person". Was that intended?
      I really wished to know how that story went on...


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Lol..good one..i too would like to know how that one played out....