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Free RedMonk Unconference at JavaOne

If you liked RedMonk’s CommunityDay tracks RedMonk track at SAP TechEd Community Day next week, Oct. 1st, 2007 and Next Week: SAP TechEd ’07 in Munich – WordPress, ERP, and Lord Knows What last year, or you just like unconferences in general, you’ll probably want to check our RedMonk’s unconference at this years JavaOne, on May 5th.

The event’s free and as it’s run as an unconference, you can show-up and help set the agenda. It’ll be a blast!

Here are the details:

RedMonkOne, Dynamic Languages on the VM

As you may recall, Sun has been kind enough to once again ask us to run a track in their CommunityDay unconference, which happens May 5th, the Monday before JavaOne proper starts. If you’d like to attend, please go register now, indicating your interest in the RedMonk and any other tracks (click the “Register Now” button or try this direct link).

Last year we had a great mix of open source, dynamic languages, development in general, Java, and all of the usual things you’d expect from a RedMonk event. This year I’m planning to have at least one RIA panel (with JavaFX, Adobe, Nitobi, and other folks), hopefully hear from Mylyn/TaskTop’s Mik Kerseten, and I know James and Stephen have been cooking up plenty as well in addition to other topics we and others have been thinking of. If you have one in mine, just leave a comment below or show up and put it on the big planning board.

As it’s an unconference, there’s no hard-and-fast agenda set: we’ll be deciding on the talks at the beginning, meaning you can show up and shape the day into exactly what you want. But, be sure to go register in case you show up and get flack about not being pre-signed up: that’d be a damn shame ;>

Disclaimer: Sun is a client, and Atlassian is sponsoring the RedMonk’s conference.

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  • I see those “include java” T-Shirts in audience and I feel reflected in that sentence one of my day-to-day efforts: the inclusion of java technologies in enterprise software development. I’m not going to be physically in the event, please keep us tuned about what happen there.
  • SAP will again be a major sponsor of JavaOne, so we will have a booth on the show floor.  Stop by and say hello to some SAP friends — before or after the RedMonk un-conference, of course.

  • Ace, from our community perspective. Your sessions were a big enhancement to our Community Days.  Lucky participants at Sun.  Looking forward to seeing red monk folks at Sapphire and have you challenge our thinking there as well.