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When an administrator no longer needs a producer she/he may decide to un-register this producer. A registration is maintained in a pair of descriptors, known as a producer object (residing on the consumer) and a consumer object (residing on the producer). During the un-registration process, the producer is notified and then deletes the corresponding consumer object. The producer deletes the producer object. As part of this cleanup process, all remote roles assignments from this producer are then un-assigned and all remote delta links are then broken. I’ve encountered some cases when the same producer (or a copy of it) was then re-registered and it was expected that all remote role assignments and all remote delta links originating from this producer would then be instantly operational once again. So if you’ve encountered once of these cases, here’s a little tip to help you achieve this. The cleanup operations are triggered by the administration framework. Observers on this un-registration operation are triggered to act when they detect this operation. So how do we override these observers? You may have already guessed. We don’t use the administration framework to perform this operation. This means that we’ll have to take care of the operations that are supposed to happen during an un-registration process ourselves. I’ve chosen to use the PCD inspector to perform the operations, however any custom tool or coding that will do the same operations will do. First thing we want to do is delete the producer object. You will find your producer object on the consumer portal under PCD:NetWeaver_content_producers. Don’t delete it yet. Producer Object  Click on AllProps and a window opens. Search for *registrationHandle* to locate “”. Copy and paste the value. We’ll use it later.     registration handle
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