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SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator Add-In for Visual Studio® 2005: Overview


While in search of ways to connect Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 with SAP i came across Softwise SAP Explorer & Proxy Generator Add-in for Visual Studio 2005 which can generate the required proxies directly in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005. To know more about Softwise Add-in and to download the trial version click here


Why the need?

Using the SAP .Net connector 2.0 we can connect to Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003. If we have to create a project in Visual Studio 2005, wherein we are using a RFC or Bapi, the only way that i have come across till now is to follow a workaround of generating the proxies for the RFC & Bapi in Visual Studio 2003 and using those proxies in Visual Studio 2005 project. This requires installation of both VS .Net 2003 & 2005 versions.


How it works? 

Softwise SAP Explorer & Proxy Generator Add-in for Visual Studio 2005 is a code generator that creates the source code, in C#, to communicate with SAP (based on SAP.Connector.dll)

This Add-In is based on the SAP.Connector’s XSLT files, which allows itself to create the same code that the SAP.Connector  for Visual Studio .NET 2003. Current version works perfectly for almost any kind of C# project: Web sites, Console Projects, Windows Applications and Class Libraries.


In the example shown below i have generated proxy for RFC in a C# project using Softwise Add-in and i’m fetching values from R/3 using this RFC.

After installing the Softwise Add-in, open the project go to Tools->Add-in Manager and select the Softwise SAP Explorer Tool Window Add-in.



















Once the Add-in is added the Softwise SAP Explorer & Proxy Generator window opens up which shows the Application Server node. Right Click on the application server, create a new application server and add application server details.
















After adding the application server you’ll get two nodes; BOR and FUNCTION. Right click on FUNCTION and add filter to search for the RFC. You’ll get all the RFC’s that fit the specified filter. Right click on the required RFC and generate the proxy.



































The generated proxy can be seen in the solution explorer.



























Using the code below i’m executing the ZQUIZ_RFC_QA RFC and displaying the result in a message box.



















Thus the Softwise Add-in provides a simple and efficient way of using SAP RFC in Visual Studio .Net 2005.


Key Benefits:

  • Generated proxies are identical to those created by SAP.Connector 2.0
  • Developers no longer need to have side by side installation of VS.NET 2003 & 2005 versions.
  • 100% based on .NET Framework 2.0
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