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MDM Enrichment Architecture: Visual Administrator Configuration

We have come across a number of blog explaining what MDM Enrichment controller is or how the Monitoring UI looks like. But none of them explained how will the MDM Enrichment controller know which are the MDM servers it should look for, which is the adapter it should interact with, which is the workflow that will trigger it’s action? This pushed me to explain what role Visual Administrator plays here.  *Why is it needed?*    The details about the MDM servers, Adapter, workflow, etc are mentioned in the MDM_EnrichmentControllerConfiguration.xml and the controller should know the physical location of this file.The MDM Enrichment controller reads this MDM_EnrichmentControllerConfiguration.xml file in specific polling interval and performs the related activities.  *How is it done?*   Copy the folder MDM_EnrichmentController to your installation drive.  Launch Visual Administrator and Go to Services->Configuration Adpater-> tc~mdm~enrichment~controller->apps->>appcfg     Open Propertysheet in change mode and Change +ApplicationRootFolderPath+ to the path of the folder where the MDM_EnrichmentController.xml is copied into.   Once the custom path has been added go to deploy and just stop and start the application once and the MDM Enrichment Controller is ready for use.
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  • Hey Seema,

    This is an excellent piece of information for all folks who are looking for MDM related material. Going forward please do publish more articles around MDM.

    Glenn Mendonca