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What’s new in Talent Supply Chain Management?

SAP’s successful new ERP release strategy introducing Enhancement Packages has been widely recognized by now. Currently the third package (EHP3) is midway through ramp-up – a good opportunity to have a closer look and see what’s in it for the area of Talent Supply Chain Management (TSCM).

While there are a plenty of enhancements in the area of e-Learning and HR process automation I’d like to focus today on one of the very core processes of any TSCM model: Recruiting. This was a focus topic in EHP3 and I want to give you an overview of the highlights that were introduced in that context.

The recruiting process involves mainly three roles: Hiring manager, recruiter and candidate. While EHP3 contains many improvements for the recruiter role we will for now just look at the news from a manager and from a candidate perspective.

New Manager Self-Service scenario

The new Manager Self-Service (MSS) scenario allows line managers to create requisition requests using Adobe Interactive Forms. This is an efficient way to trigger the initiation of the recruitment process. You can use a previous request as a starting point, which in many cases will save you entering 80% of the required data for the vacancy. The request triggers a multi-level approval workflow (depending on your particular business process) and automatically informs the recruiting department when done.

Another helpful new feature is the delegation of certain recruiting tasks. This allows managers to enter their assistants or other managers to act as substitutes e.g. when approving a new position.

Probably the most important MSS innovation is the candidate assessment against open job requisitions: As a manager you can now get a fast candidate ranking on one screen, then use the existing questionnaire framework for a detailed assessment. You can also rate the candidates both for the current job requisition or for your general talent pool. This way you can keep candidates that may not be the right choice for the current job opening but would be a great fit for other opportunities that will soon come up.

Finally the new requisition request and activity monitor gives you a great overview on where you are with your ongoing recruiting activities. Among other things you can see what job postings are active, how many candidates applied, how many were rejected and who the responsible recruiter is.

UI Manager Self Service

Additional candidate services

Let’s look at the other side of the table now: EHP3 not only contains added value for the hiring manager, it also has great new features for the candidate using the e-Recruiting application to apply for a job.

Have you ever looked at a job posting and thought “This one’s not a good fit for me but it would be just perfect for my friend XYZ”? Well — now there is a new email service called “Tell-a-Friend” that is just meant for this purpose and allows you to notify your friend directly out of the system.

Another great feature is the “Job Agent”. You can use it to receive automated notification through email when certain job opportunities come up. Simply enter your desired job attributes when you register in the candidate pool.

Another important innovation is called “résumé parsing”. This allows the candidate to upload her résumé as a text or PDF file. From there it is transferred to a parsing service that extracts the main data from the file and fills it into the database of the e-Recruiting application.

Finally there is a new opportunity to define specific openings as so called “Hot Jobs”. The idea here is that your company has probably hundreds of openings listed and wants to make sure that the most critical ones are not overlooked. Then they mark this critical requisition as a “hot job” and it will become an eye catcher on their recruitment web page, thus leading candidates immediately to these critical openings.

There’s more…

As I said before that was just an overview on EHP3 from a hiring manager and candidate perspective. If this has raised your appetite and you want to learn more about innovations for recruiters, improved search capabilities etc. check out the detailed information available on the SAP Service Marketplace at . Or wait and read my next blog, of course…

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  • It is good to know that SAP have finally woken up & decided to include some of the missing features when compared to what is currently being offered by their competitors (in E-Recruiting)..

    BTW, I like the new acronym..TSCM ..though, it is a little misleading..