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WS SDK Chapter 5: Viewing Documents – Now Available!

Chapter 5: Viewing Documents – The ReportEngine Web service is now available.

This chapter reviews some of the core classes used when viewing documents and introduces some fundamental viewing concepts such as actions and callbacks.

It is a bit longer than some of the other chapters, but you have the ability to create your own viewer control using the WS SDK, so it’s important to understand the concepts introduced in these chapters when starting with the WS SDK.

I’ve also attached the following Java, C# and VB.NET samples to the chapter:

  • View Document as HTML

    Demonstrates how to view a document in HTML format.

  • View Document as PDF

    Demonstrates how to view a document in PDF format. The same approach can be taken to view a document in MS Excel, MS Word and MS RTF format by changing the OutputFormatType.

  • View Document with Prompts

    Demonstrates how to view a document that requires prompts to be filled.

I’m also finishing up some updates for Chapter 3: Managing Enterprise Session – The Session Web service, so stay tuned for that in the upcoming week.


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